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Resort Casual

Resort Casual would simply mean casual clothing appropriate for a Resort. For women resort casual dresses, may include sundresses, maxi dresses, dresses in beautiful prints, colors and soft fabrics. During the day Womens resortwear may include fitted shorts, slacks, pants combined with colorful tops or blouses may also be included in Resort casual dress code. As per Resort casual wear, you can wear bright colored or printed bottoms with more subtle tops or the other way around to look fashionable effortlessly at your Beach Resort Getaway.
Don't forget to combine your resort beach wear outfit with a holiday hat or a fun tote bag and big sunglasses.
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The Definition of Resort Casual Can Change

The level of casualness of a “resort casual” dress code can vary depending on where you’re staying, both for the type of hotel and the destination. Looking the part when you are on vacation adds a lot more fun to your vacation!

Stays at family resorts, tend to be more casual than resorts aimed at couples. Guests also tend to dress up more at design hotels or boutique hotelsCity hotels in tropical locations, tend to be more formal than golf resorts in the same area. We have put together a fun article on What you should pack for a Summer Vacation.

Below are some images if resort casual attire and resort casual evening attire.


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Resort casual attire, Blue resort wear dress for women

What Is Casual Resort Dressing?

Casual Resort Attire is clothing that you wear if you're heading to a country club, upscale resort, cruise ship or even some high-end hotels, you might find yourself staring down the barrel of a Dress code "resort casual" or "casual resort" dress code. What the heck does that even mean? In broad terms, think of resort attire that is comfortable but still looks good, made of breathable fabrics that don't need to be ironed – a notch somewhere between swimwear and evening wear. 

Women don’t need to wear a formal evening dresses. Men do not have to wear suits, dress shoes or even ties (although a light blazer is nice if the weather is cool). Remember the key here is that it be casual since resorts are places where you go to have fun!

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The latest beach-casual look includes the use of lovely beach wraps during the day, which are light fabric shawls or capes for use when you leave the water and go for lunch nearby. These may be easily pulled around to wrap part of the bathing suit providing you with a more demure look but they are colorful and casual at the same time. Women can use a beach wrap on the bottom while the rest of the bathing suit creates a unique halter-top look. They allow one to take them off and get back to swimming and more beach time. Beach wraps are not considered proper attire during the evenings. Some of them may be used as shoulder wraps, capes or shawls to accent other outfits other than a bathing suit.

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Resort Casual Attire Winter

Resort Wear during cooler days of the year women may wear long flowing dresses with a shawl wrap. Cardigan sweater tops or smart blazers are often worn with slacks look great too! Resort casual wear generally provides a look that is upscale, sporty and relaxed

Resort Casual Attire Summer

For Resort wear for summer or spring, fabric blends are popular for that resort-casual look because they are cool on hot days, they include breathable materials usually mixed with cotton like linen, flax, silk and certain light knits. Colors can range from the classic pristine whites or creams to vibrant primary colors like red, blue, yellow and green in varying palettes. Tropical patterns, pretty floral designs and even vivid abstracts create a wonderful look. Cropped pants or dressy slacks are often highlighted by a crisp blouse or formal halter-top. Classy sun dresses and flowing skirts provide a cool feminine look that may be paired with elegant sandals during the day but dressier shoes often accompany better at night. 

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What Attire Is Appropriate for Resort Casual at a Tropical Resort?

Whether you are planning a tropical getaway to Hawaii, the Caribbean islands, the Bahamas or resorts of Florida, planning a gorgeous casual beachwear wardrobe is important. the dress code for warm-weather resorts at a tropical destination may be termed Beach Casual or Resort Chic. Resort casual tends to be the norm for most tropical vacation destinations in the daytime, with some higher-end resorts upping the formality a touch in the evenings to “resort chic” or "elegant resort wear" For sea cruises it may be unspoken, or guests may receive specific dress code guidance on what to pack.  Feel free to use a tropical vacation as an opportunity to wear a flowing maxi dress or a shirt with a bold print that might not work as well at home. Colorful fun dresses, tops, skirts, pants and shorts all qualify as Resort Chic or beach casual.

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Most resorts and cruise ships have a “resort casual” or a “smart beach casual” dress code, if any dress code at all, in the daytime. Resort attire dress code for guests at hotels can be very flexible. For Resort casual dress code one should avoid wearing T-shirts with advertising or slogans on them and restrict athletic clothing to the gym.

When walking around the tropical resort, or, for daytime meals at resort restaurants, women could try tropical casual wear which could be tossing a dress-like cover-up over their swimwear. You can get amazing pictures of resort casual attire in your dress code beachwear at your fun family vacation.

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Casual Resort womenswear



Resort Casual for you Corporate Retreat or Company Retreat for women?

Resort casual dress code for business may be confusing to some. What do you wear to an off-site company retreat at a center with both a conference center and hiking trails — and a dress code of “casual”? 

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Resort Casual for Men

For Resort Casual Mens Attire, when it comes to defining resort casual, men have it a little easier than women – or at least the rules are a little more clear for gentlemen. As long as you're wearing a collared shirt, nice pants made of linen or cotton, and closed-toe shoes that aren't full-on dress shoes, you're fine. Boat shoes and loafers work well, and some places don't mind nice tennis shoes as part of resort casual attire. In some venues, trendy jeans and upscale sandals are also acceptable.

Men's Resosrt Clothing- Men should wear a clean and pressed button-down shirt or a nice polo shirt. Paired with khakis or other quality pants, this creates a classic resort casual look. Light- and bold-colored shirts are acceptable as are subtle patterns. Jackets and sport coats are not needed.

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Sometimes, what you shouldn't wear is as instructional as what you should. Ties and jackets aren't required, and in most venues, they'd look out of place. On the other side of things, athletic wear, tank tops, T-shirts and any shirt with a big logo are considered too casual for resort casual. Flip-flops are only allowed at the most relaxed venues or if you're planning to go back and forth to the beach.

In hot climates, dressy shorts are also acceptable. But avoid the temptation to wear board shorts, no matter how cool you think they look. Unless you're actively lounging around the pool or on your way to the beach, swim trunks of any sort are considered passé for resort casual.

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Pink Resort wear dress for women

Resort Casual for Women

Defining resort casual for women is a little harder, simply because ladies typically have more options to choose from. As a general rule, you can mimic the gentleman's dress code, wearing slacks and a nice top, as long as you skip tank tops or T-shirts; or opt for a breezy summer dress or a matching skirt/blouse combination. If you wear denim, it should be on the high-end, dressy side of the scale, and as long as they're made of nice fabric, you can probably even get away with capris.

The rules for footwear are a little more lax for ladies than for men; almost anything dressy works, including sandals. You should avoid flip-flops unless you're going to and from the beach or pool.

A lot of the "don't wear" options are the same for ladies as for the men: Skip evening gowns (the female equivalent to a suit jacket), athletic wear, tank tops and anything with a big logo on it. However, in the more relaxed venues – or if you're lingering near the beach or pool – women can sometimes get away with wearing a swimsuit coverup, as long as it's reasonably decorous. (Sorry, ladies – a bikini top and a sarong don't quite qualify.)

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When the Rules Change

Long-distance travelers beware! Where you should be putting your resort casual clothing to work can vary a lot between climates and cultures. When in doubt, ask your cruise or resort director for suggestions, or take advantage of the information age and trawl the restaurant, resort or cruise line's social media accounts to see what people were wearing at similar events. Many resorts will publish their dress codes.

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Since we have received dozens of questions asking to define "Resort Casual Attire", here are a few appropriate definitions from google search :

1. Resort casual Style may normally refer to polo style shirts, sundresses, linen pants, skorts, skirts, button up tops, nice shorts, and dresses. Nothing fancy, but not just t-shirts and jeans either. Do not wear cutoffs and tank tops for sure!

Resort casual for women, resort wear pants

2. Resort casual attire is exactly as it sounds - clothing you would be wearing at a resort. This clothing should usually include something such as a nice khaki pant or shorts with a crisp, clean top.
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Casual resort dress linen

 Women's Clothing for Resort Casual

 Women have several options when dressing to fit the resort casual dress code. A clean and pressed blouse can be paired with a nice pair of pants or a skirt. Neutrals such as black, gray, navy, brown and khaki are the most acceptable colors for pants. Skirts should be no higher than knee-length. Bold colors and prints are fine as long as they coordinate nicely with the rest of the ensemble. A casual dress or sundress is also a popular choice, as long as the dress is tasteful--not too short or low-cut.

Are jeans OK for resort casual?

How Casual Is Resort Casual? For a student, resort casual is essentially a type of formal dress, required nice, pressed garments not typically worn every day. Jeans are not typically appropriate, although expensive, on-trend pairs may be acceptable in certain fashion-forward settings

Casual Resort attire Yellow

If your dress code states: "Dressy Resort Casual." 

Invitations with the term, "resort," indicate attire that is a cut above very casual clothes. So, avoid jeans, flip flops, camisoles, t-shirts, and short shorts or very short skirts. Resort wear appropriate for men and women are "country club" type clothing. Since the invitation is for dinner, then evening resort attire for men would be nice slacks, polo shirts, button down shirts, nice shoes or sandals, with the option of wearing a sport coat.

Resort casual attire women

For women: nice pants, skorts, skirts, nice top, casual dress, sundress, nice sandals or casual shoes. The length of the skirt or dress is knee length or longer.

Daytime resort attire includes the same clothing suggestions as evening resort plus nice shorts can be worn as well.

When Is Resort Casual Required?

Resort casual is often lumped together with business casual or cruise wear, but there are things you can wear at a resort that wouldn't be appropriate for a casual business meeting, and cruise wear that you couldn't get away with at a resort. Although resort casual is the dress code on many cruise lines, there is a trend toward more relaxed cruise apparel. Check your cruise line's dress code specifically before packing to make sure resort casual dress is required. Resort wear is always appropriate at a country club, golf club or resort during the day, though you often need more formal attire for evening events.

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Linen dress for resort tropical vacation for women

Resort Casual Attire Based On A Beach-Friendly Itinerary

Now knowing more of what resort casual dress code attire is, pack according to what your vacation will entail. If it's mostly days at the beach or spa only, then you may only need one or two nicer outfits for dinners or experiencing the nightlife. However, if it's an even mix of oceanfront activities and in-town events, you'll want to make sure you have the appropriate clothing to match the setting. Here are a few ideas for resort casual outfits that should simplify the packing process.

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Resort Casual for Boat Excursion Mixed With Beach Time

When the occasion calls for a morning or afternoon outing on the ocean plus a few hours of beach time, you want an outfit that can easily adapt to both. Go casual with a tunic cover up or versatile skirt to wear over your favorite designer bikini and pair with sandals for when you’re on the boat. If the boat is docking somewhere to snorkel or swim, that’s the only clothing you’ll need. 
However, if it’s docking at a nearby island or town with time to roam around, you’ll want to pack a cover up with a slightly thicker fabric that’s appropriate to wear indoors and provides enough protection from the sun when walking outside. Choose from a pair of loose pants, a maxi dress, or sarong beach wrap that will fit easily into your bag. 

Resort Casual for Hiking Or Biking During The Day

If you want to explore hiking trails near the beach or bike to different areas, you'll want athletic wear that provides easy movement. Wearing nice shorts and tennis shoes with a one-piece swimsuit may feel the most comfortable, but there are cover ups that work well for more athletic activities.

A button-down chemise, like the , is lightweight, breathable, and provides ample coverage on the legs and shoulders to help with sun protection. Even when the fabric is more transparent, when paired with one-piece swimwear, it keeps the look tastefully sexy to hit the mark for resort casual wear. The term "casual" doesn't have to mean sloppy or completely worn. You can achieve a polished resort wear look without too much effort involved.

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Day-To-Evening Look For Dinner And Drinks

Being on "vacation time" means there's no separation between spending time on the beach and when it's time to get more dressed up for dinner and drinks. If you need to get ready in a hurry or are stopping by a seaside spot for local cuisine, you'll want a look that works for both day and evening. A chic resort dress or classy blouse is your best bet to achieve a stylish look that's cool, classy, and versatile.

A Strapless Dress makes for an easy day-to-evening switch. The vibrant color and print is elegant, fun, and transitions easily from sunbathing on the beach to drinking cocktails at sunset. The flowy fabric feels good against the skin after a day spent in the sun. It's a modern spin on a simplified strapless look for evening wear.

When you can take your time to shower and change before heading out for the evening, the Black Short Dress makes a chic statement. The unique halter neckline means you don't even have to worry about accessorizing with a necklace- just throw on your favorite sandals and a pair of earrings to complete a look that'll be perfect for wherever the night takes you. 

To complete your day-to-evening look, throw on a pair of Thong Sandals. These sexy sandals are perfect for the beach and a night out on the town, while also providing optimal comfort so you can walk all day. They were created to disappear the foot and elongate the legs, giving you a sexy yet sophisticated look.

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Accessorizing your Resort Casual Attire

Clever use of accessories can help dress up your Resort casual outfits, especially in the evenings. Instead of bringing your expensive jewelry, pick up inexpensive pieces to take to the resort. If you lose them or they get stolen, there will be little financial loss and less hurt and frustration. Casual beach wear accessories may include jewelry made of shell, or jewelry with nautical symbols like fish, shells, octopus, mermaids, etc. A large tote bag in bright color is always a good idea. Comfortable shoes are recommended for daytime, while evening attire might require heels or other dressy shoes. If you plan to exercise, pack a pair of sneakers. A bag or purse to carry items during your onshore excursions is a useful accessory.

Footwear for your Resort Casual outfit

For men - more formal sandals that cover most of the foot should be worn rather than flimsy flip-flops. More often than not loafers, dock shoes or top siders define the classic resort casual look. Low rider socks that provide comfort and absorb foot moisture are usually worn with these. Tennis shoes have become popular for comfort but have a nautical, preppy or designer style. 

For women there are so many options. Always pack a comfortable pair of slip on shoes for all the walking. A few pairs of formal sandals, wedge heels or strappy sandals in a range of casual and formal for all you looks ranging from resort casual to resort formal.

Expert  Packing Tips

Pack clothing that you can mix and match to create several outfits. This saves space in your bag and in the cabin. For example, choose a pair of slacks that works for both a casual daytime outfit and an evening outfit when paired with a dressy shirt. A sundress is another versatile option. Wear it with sandals for a casual daytime outfit. Add jewelry and change into heels for the evening. Some cruise ships offer laundry service or a laundromat so you can wash your clothes to wear more than once. Check on the laundry services and cost before you leave. 

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The designation of "semi-formal" has the advantage of flexibility for both men and women. Cocktail dresses with heels are standard for women, while men should opt for dress pants and collared shirts. Jeans are occasionally acceptable, but only if they are dark and without holes or other signs of wear. It may be helpful to think of a semi-formal dinner cruise as a somewhat relaxed version of a formal one.

Resort Casual

Not quite dressy, but not too laid-back, resort casual strikes a useful balance between flip-flops and stilettos (women) and oxfords and tennis shoes (men). Resort casual is the realm of boat shoes and leather sandals and is often a gray area for would-be cruisers. For women, however, capris, sundresses and knee-length skirts are always acceptable, while men can't go wrong with khakis, golf shirts and button-ups. Take along a cardigan or an attractive pullover for cool sea breezes.

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Casual dinner cruises generally allow jeans, sneakers and non-collared shirts, with several caveats. For example, many cruise lines do not allow [tank tops], flip-flops or swimwear even in a casual dining atmosphere. T-shirts are sometimes allowed as long as they are tasteful (according to the ship's standards), clean and fully intact. In general, even on a casual dinner cruise, it's best to cover feet, torso and legs both for your and other passengers' comfort.

What Attire Is Appropriate for Resort Casual at a Tropical Resort?

The dress code for warm-weather resorts and cruises might be unspoken, or guests may receive specific guidance on what to pack. Resort casual tends to be the norm for most tropical vacation destinations in the daytime, with some higher-end resorts upping the formality a touch in the evenings to “resort chic.” Feel free to use a tropical vacation as an opportunity to wear a flowing maxi dress or a shirt with a bold print that might not work as well at home.

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Resort Casual in the Daytime

What to wear at a resort can be easily deciphered. Most resorts and cruise ships have a “resort casual” or a “smart beach casual” dress code, if any dress code at all, in the daytime. Guests at hotels with a resort casual dress code should avoid wearing T-shirts with advertising or slogans on them and restrict athletic clothing to the gym. Otherwise, there's lots of flexibility in resort attire.

A bathing suit is perfectly fine for the beach. When walking around the resort, or, for daytime meals at resort restaurants, women should toss a dress-like cover-up over their swimwear. Men should wear a shirt, and, if their bathing suit is small, add a pair of shorts. Restaurants require shoes for health and safety reasons, and flip-flops meet the definition of resort casual during the day.



Swimwear with a beach cover-up is also fine for leaving the resort for water excursions. It’s exactly what to wear on the ride to a swim with whale sharks in La Paz or to snorkel in Grenada's Underwater Sculpture Park.

Resort casual means ditching the bathing suit for land-based excursions, though. For one thing, it’s likely too hot. Shorts and T-shirts are OK for shopping on the spice isle of Grenada or visiting the marketplace at Fisherman’s Village at Resorts World Bimini in the Bahamas. Dressing up a little, perhaps with a skirt or collared shirt, is welcome when you're exploring the capitals of the Caribbean islands, as many islanders tend to dress a touch more formally.

When packing resort casual wear for your holiday, remember to pack clothes that breathe, especially if you’re not used to the heat and humidity. Natural fibers like cotton and linen and loose-fitting clothing are best. People who wear tight-fitting clothing soon realize how sweaty they get in the heat while they explore Barbados, Honduras or Costa Rica.

Resort Casual at Night

Dressing resort casual in the evening usually means no jeans, running shoes or t-shirts (especially with ads or slogans). Fashion shorts might be OK (think Bermudas), but sportswear shorts are not. Some resorts may restrict access to their dinner restaurants or nightclubs if more casual clothing is worn.

Sometimes, evening dress codes are called “resort chic,” “elegant casual,” “party casual” or “casual chic.” There’s no need to wear a suit and tie or a sequined cocktail dress. Men will be comfortable and blend in when wearing trousers and a collared shirt and women in trousers, a skirt or dress.

While some cruise ships still have formal nights, other cruise lines are aiming for the casual elegance that many upscale guests prefer. Viking Cruises and Windstar, for example, have designated there voyages as resort casual. In the evenings, guests are requested not to wear shorts or jeans for most dining rooms.

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The Definition of Resort Casual Can Vary

The degree of casualness of a dress code labeled “resort casual” can vary depending on where you’re staying, both for the type of hotel and the destination.

Stays at family resorts, such as the Hilton Puerto Vallarta and Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres Resort & Spa, tend to be more casual than resorts aimed at couples, such as the TRS Coral Hotel or Privilege Aluxes Isla Mujeres. Guests also tend to dress up more at design hotels like Live Aqua Urban Resort San Miguel de Allende and Grand Residences Riviera Cancun.

City hotels in tropical locations, like the Bristol Panama in Panama City’s downtown business district, tend to be more formal than golf resorts in the same area, such as The Santa Maria, which is 10 minutes from Panama City’s main airport.

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Packing for Resorts in Buddhist and Muslim Countries

Generally, people who live in countries composed of a population that is primarily Buddhist or Muslim dress more conservatively than people who live in the United States, Australia or Canada. Many Cambodians, for example, would be embarrassed by a tourist wearing a tank-top and short shorts walking down the street in Phnom Penh. When exploring Cambodia's Angkor Archeological Park, visitors are required to dress with their shoulders and knees covered. Adjust your definition of resort casual to be more conservative for these destinations.

Guests visiting private island resorts in Muslim countries, such as Bawah Reserve in Indonesia or Coco Privé in the Maldives, can wear the same type of resort wear as they would in Mexico or the Caribbean.

Packing Light for a Resort Casual Vacation

Depending on planned activities, you might spend most of your vacation in your bathing suit. Plus, there’s no need to be a fashion plate if you don’t want to be. You’re not required to stuff your suitcase with a different resort casual outfit for each day of your trip.

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Ideally, you can pack light, wash your resort casual clothes while you're away, and wear them again. Doing so makes it easier to stay in a place that has laundry facilities, even better when they’re free. Guests with Viking Cruises, for example, have access to laundry machines that are free to use. Condo-type resorts like Vivo Resorts near the Mexican surf town Puerto Escondido and Ocean Club Resorts in Turks and Caicos have in-suite laundry facilities.

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