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    Shop the Best Travel Tote Bags online

    Shop custom tote bag designs for your beach vacations. If you have travelled you for sure know the value of a good tote bag that carries everything you need while you enjoy your vacation. You can toss everything in one large bag think headphones, phone, charger, wallet, make up, sunscreen, passport, travel documents, tablet, book, scarf, sweater, toiletry bag, water bottle, toy for your kid and the very important snacks. Never leave your home without these large tote bags for women, perfect for travel. Tote bags have great functionality but at the same time a tote bag designed with some personality is even better. I am so bored of looking at bland neutral large bags that look like pillow cases, instead go for our cute tote bags great for beach, tote bags designed for travel. 

    Below, we’ve rounded up the best eco- friendly Jute tote bags, custom designed with quirky statements and bold colors. They are perfect tote bags for travel or even for work — they’re stylish without sacrificing utility, durability, or carrying ability. So scroll ahead for your new go-to travel companion. 

    A favorite among in-the-know travelers, these sturdy bold colored tote bags work as a weekender or a carry-on bag or stylish beach tote. For a more bohemian look, the woven design of this tote will transition seamlessly from Beach to Resort to cruise and are spacious enough for your essentials and more.

    3-D Printed Jewelry

    3D printing has done a lot to revolutionize the jewelry manufacturing industry. Most people look at how much faster and more creative 3D printing can be instead traditional jewelry making methods. While this is certainly a huge feature of this technology, it is far from the only benefit. Modern 3D printers are actually able to outperform traditional manufacturing in many areas. 3D printing will typically have much less waste than traditional manufacturing technologies. Without the need to order hundreds or thousands of each part in advance, every product can be printed on demand. This helps eliminate the environmental impact when surplus products are produced and discarded, and reduces the need for additional storage.

    Travel Journal

    I love the smell of paper in a book, and I love writing about my experiences in a travel journal. Although we live in a digital age, there is something very romantic about taking a moment to write down your thoughts while you’re on the road experiencing the beauty of the world. Make your travel memories more personal by writing about them in our hand size travel journals that fit perfectly in you bag.