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Gabriela Maxi Dress Dresses Sandhya Garg Free Shipping beach dress Blush dress Bohemian Bohemian Dress Boho Chic
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Pink dress with sleeves for summer style for women USA online boutique
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Shop here for Beach Wedding Guest Dresses for Women

Whether you are looking at attending a destination wedding or a beach weddings, find gorgeous outfits for wedding guests here.

Beach wedding attire can be tricky – that’s why we’ve curated a collection of beach wedding guest dresses that will keep you cool, comfortable, and chic at once. 

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While being invited to a destination wedding may be exciting, We are most commonly asked What do I wear to a beach wedding as a guest or What do you wear as destination wedding guest or a coastal wedding guest? In our ultimate guide to beach wedding attire for guests! After reading this, you’ll know exactly what to wear to a beach wedding whether it’s casual, semi-formal, or formal. There are a few ground rules you should follow in order to look great, remain comfortable, yet formal enough for this non-traditional wedding. Not only are we decoding the dress code, we’re also sharing the best colors, fabrics, and shoes to complete your beach wedding guest outfit! After you read these tips, make sure you check out this gallery of gorgeous beach wedding dresses for guests to get ideas of what you can wear, and find the right beach wedding guest outfits.

We've got virtually every style option imaginable to fit any personality and occasion.  Choose a beachy midi dress or maxi dress that will flutter playfully in the cool ocean breeze, and swap out your standard heels for simple, strappy sandals that are better suited for sand.  

Decoding Beachy Wedding Guest Dress code for women

If the ceremony or reception is taking place during the evening, bring a lightweight shawl wrap in case some cool air moves in from the coast. Beach wedding guest dresses for every dress code! You’ll be able to create the perfect beach wedding guest outfit with one of these dresses. From casual sundresses for informal ceremonies to breezy gowns for formal beach club ceremonies, we’ve found a beach-ready dress. Perfect for coastal weddings and tropical beach destination weddings!

What to Wear to a Beach Wedding: Women

  • If the invitation indicates that you should wear beach formal attire, then a long, elegant gown is perfectly appropriate.
  • Semi-formal beach attire calls for short or tea length dresses, which are great because they won’t drag in the sand, plus they transition beautifully to a reception venue held at a restaurant or oceanfront hotel.
  • Are you wondering what to wear to a casual beach wedding?   Our advice is a nice Maxi dress.  A maxi dress is loose fitting, especially around the bottom of the dress so you can easily sweep it across the sand and brush it clean on land for a seaside reception.

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    Beach Wedding Guest Dresses Appropriate for All Beach Ceremonies

    When you're invited to a beach wedding, the first thing you might do is get excited about the big day, but the second thing you'll probably do is wonder: What are you going to wear? Go bold with statement-making bright colors or choose soothing pastel shades that match a summer sunset, or opt for a linen dress in soft, muted hues for a minimalist approach. Looking for more options? Elevate an intricately embroidered caftan dress with layers of delicate gold jewelry and a sleek, event-ready updo. Thankfully, our online boutique is here to come to the rescue with plenty of wedding guest dresses that strike just the right balance between standing out and not upstaging the bride.

    Whatever your role, be it family or friend of the happy couple, you can be sure that you'll step out in the latest style in one of our perfect wedding guest dresses. If semi-formal beach wedding attire is required, then you could wear a semi-formal dress or, a slacks and a button-down shirt. For beach wedding men attire, you can also wear a suit jacket or vest, but you can forget the tie! Keep it casual and cool in a light linen look. Go for beautiful colors like butter, light khaki, mint green, ice blue and look perfect on the day.

    Best Beachy Dresses to Wear to a Wedding as a Guest

    Attire for beach wedding or coastal wedding may include an elegant floor-length gown. Whether you plan to attend Beach wedding in Florida or, Beach wedding in Caribbean or, beach wedding in California. Beach wedding venues wary widely, but our beach wedding attire for guests picks would be appropriate for all venues and occasions. Or maybe it's a less formal, daytime wedding and you're thinking of rocking a mini dress instead. Every wedding is a unique celebration, so as you consider your options for wedding guest dresses, it's helpful to think about the details of the wedding you're attending. So here is our guide to beach wedding attire for guests.

    1. An outdoor wedding will have a distinctly different vibe than a formal church wedding, so dress accordingly. For outdoor celebrations, try a wrap dress in a pretty floral print.
    2. Black attire may look chic, but consider adding color to your outfit for attending a ceremony in a tropical environment; you may find yourself looking and feeling completely gorgeous!
    3. When the bride and groom will be meeting in a house of worship, you'd be better off choosing a maxi dress or a lace dress to help them celebrate. Keep in mind any religious edicts about modesty: This probably isn't the place for a strapless dress or one with a plunging neckline. Beach wedding dresses short can be reserved for rehearsal dinners.
    4. Why not embrace the sights and sounds of the surf and turf around you?  Mimic those delicious, tropical tones with your attire.  Colors like aquamarine blue, turquoise, sand, terra cotta, fuchsia, lime green, tangerine, and even sunflower are all unique but appropriate tones.
    5. You may also wish to wear a pattern or print in these bright hues.  Polka dots, stripes, and bold floral prints are all great options.
    6. If you're not sure which way to go, it's always best to ask the bride or another close family member for recommendations. Some weddings even have strict dress codes, especially when the reception will be held in an upscale venue. Check the invitation for a note about whether the wedding will be a black-tie affair.

    Beach Wedding Attire Tips: Ideal Colors and Best Fabrics for wedding guests

    Dress color is another important consideration not to be ignored. When nuptials take place in the spring and summer, you're free to lighten things up: Try dresses in fresh hues such as blush pink, light gray, and pale yellow. Ideal colors to wear at a beach wedding would be lighter shades of pink, peach, coral, green, yellow, lavender, and blue. Autumn and winter weddings are the ideal time to choose deep colors such as burgundy, navy, and forest green. Look at the invitation's color scheme to get an idea of what color(s) the bridesmaids will be wearing. When you're choosing dresses to wear to a wedding as a guest, you don't want to match the beach wedding bridesmaids' dresses.

    The season of the event will be a major factor in your dress color choice and fabric choice, but there are also a few etiquette considerations to keep in mind. Light fabrics that do not cling to the body are best. There is nothing worse than sweat marks on the back and front of a gown. Materials like cotton, linen, chiffon, organza, georgette, and even cotton blends or lace are light but can still look luxurious. Attire for beach wedding is open for your own interpretation, but when done right it can make the wedding guests experience unforgettable. 

    Beach Wedding Dress Code 101

    You can gauge the expected level of formality by looking at the invitation to the beach wedding.  Attire tips are usually included somewhere on the invite (i.e. formal, semi-formal, casual).

    Shoes For Beach Wedding

    Wear shoes that you can easily slip on and off.  For the ladies, sandals are a great option as long as they’re on the nicer/dressier side.

    Beachy Accessories to Accent Your Style

    Once you've chosen one of our casual, formal or cocktail dresses for beach wedding guests, don't forget to add a few accessories to finish the effect.

    • An elegant clutch or handbag will keep it classy but still give you somewhere to put your makeup, keys or, credit cards.
    • A pair of stylish sunglasses if its a Day affair, you don't want to feel uncomfortable in shining sun. 
    • A beautiful Sun hat can be a practical and great addition to your outfit.
    • A pair of cute, strappy heels are sure to look great, but you might want to bring a pair of flats, too, if you're planning to dance the night away. Staggering to your car at the end of the night, shoes in hand, is never flattering!
    • Don't forget a little bling! Just a little, though; keep it tasteful.
    Beach Wedding Attire Do’s & Dont’s
    • Please guys, no shorts ever! It’s not appropriate wedding guest attire unless it explicitly says so on the invitation.
    • Ladies & Gents – it should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway just in case it slips your mind…if you’re wearing open-toe shoes, please get a pedi.
    • Gals, make sure that you don’t wear a dress that is too short & loose/flared or you might end up inadvertently flashing everyone with just the slightest wind gust.
    Beach Wedding Attire for Female Guests

    Below is a collection of beautiful beach wedding dresses for guests.  We love all of these dresses because they are the ideal length, colors, and fabrics to keep you looking and feeling great as a beach wedding guest.  Click the arrow on the right to see more images.  When you find something you like, click on it for more details.

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