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Fashion, color, design are in my blood. I started designing and making clothes for my Barbie doll at 10 years old. Inspired by my mother and Aunties, I was always very interested in knitting, lace making, crochet, embroidery and textiles. I pursued my passion for design and fashion by studying fashion in India and London.

At present I am based in Detroit, Michigan raising my adorable 3 year old boy. My lifelong dream and passion has been to tell my unique stories through the art of clothing that shows a fusion of exceptional signature prints and classic, flawless design.

The collections are a combination of gorgeous textiles, Indian heritage craft and a fresh, artistic approach to fashion design in the twenty-first century. I combine effortless design with my own unique prints. The brand encompasses a truly vibrant collection of wearable pieces that are undeniably fun, effortlessly chic and made with todays modern woman's lifestyle in mind.

"I design For the true love of vintage handicraft of india,
interpreted for the modern woman."

Sandhya Garg Project Runway

What is your brand about? How did you start designing the dresses?

Label Sandhya Garg is about every woman who has ever wanted to feel special in a big crowd. I, myself have several times struggled to find that one special dress that would make me stand out in a crowd of generic black/blue dresses. "Whenever there was a special event I would dread going shopping.

I mean it meant hours of hunting through many racks for this beautiful dress that must be a combination of exclusive design, great quality, amazing fit and be gentle on my pocket ALL at the same time". Finding a solution to this problem, I started on a path to design limited edition dresses in my signature prints.

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

I draw inspiration from my world travels and how every city that I have visited contained in itself a world of regional folklore, mythology, superstition, magic, art and architectural wonders. I create signature prints from my inspirations and then design dresses that would hold the essence of the respective city.

Sandhya Garg Project Runway Designer

How has your clothing been received so far, what do people say about the dresses?

Most of our clients are able to truly identify with the print, that are not only one of a kind but also remind them of their own travel memories. The brand is about creating, holding, cherishing and wearing our memories as we dress-up for a special event.

Hand woven art
Pink dresses for women

How many dresses do you make of the same design?

As our clothing is ethically made in small quantities, we guarantee exclusivity.


Sandhya Garg woman is fashion forward, traveller, wanderlust, confident, fierce, artistic, style conscious, may be bohemian spirited and ready to embrace the cultures of the world.

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What is your background? How did you start your own brand?

 I polished my skills at International design studios training at Alexander McQueen, Alice Temperley and Izmaylova, learning everything from different pattern cutting techniques to hand embroidery craft and vintage knitting-lace making at the Gucci factory in Italy.

I decided to launch my own label after graduating from the London College of Fashion in 2011. The brand has an international presence thanks to a very successful stint on Project Runway Season 13, USA. On the famous reality show, I won 2 Challenges, Was in Top a lot and my work was loved by Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia and Zac Posen. Specializing in womenswear, for me fashion is all about glamour and personal style.

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Have a won any Awards and Competitions?

I have been very fortunate to be by recognized some very prestigious platforms, some of them include-

# Selected few for Workshop at Macys, Macys Herald Square        NYC
# Project Runway Season 13 contestant
# Won Marie Claire Future of Fashion challenge and Mercedes      Benz New York Fashion Week S/S collection preview look
# Award for Best Garment Construction (USHA NIFT Award)         2007
# Winner of Wills Lifestyle India Fashion week, Fashion Quiz         2006
# Winner of Top Design Competition at New Orleans Fashion       Week, 2014
# Finalist for Nina De York illustration Competition, London           College of Fashion 2011
# Finalist for B Focus Talent search at Brown's London Print         Competition, London 2012
# Finalist for Textile Institute - Design Means Business                   Exhibition, London 2011


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