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So happy to share my first challenge winning video. Each of my competitor's, was extremely talented and special in their own way. 

Winning the second challenge was very important for me. A lot of you might not know but during Project Runway filming I was brand new to US. I had just moved here from India and there was a big culture difference between how I spoke (and how it was interpreted).

When I went to compete on the show my first priority was to do good work but at the same time I cared about other people as well (Not so much about how they criticized my work).
A lot of footage is not shown but I felt extremely hurt when I was verbally attacked for my first win. Ofcourse, I know better now.

I really appreciated how judges understood my point of view. I think everyone knows in their heart how important it is to be understood by someone! For me it was'nt about validation but just knowing that I was wanted and my voice was heard. 

On that note I have to say I love Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia and Anne Fulenwider. They are all amazingly wonderful people, very genuine and ofcourse at the very top of their field. People comment left, right and center about them but none know who they are as humans. Well, they are genuinely warm and they care a lot.