Black Dresses for Women That Are Far From Basic

    Is there anything more essential to a woman's wardrobe than a black dress (or two, or three, or more)? At Sandhya Garg, we have a hard time thinking of another piece that has more potential and style: Black dresses look great on everyone and with just about anything. Whether you purchase a trendy LBD in the latest style or something more traditional, such as a maxi dress, your dark dress is sure to get serious fashion mileage. And when you shop for ethically made black dresses with us, you'll be able to look hot and still have money left for your night out.

     The Black Dress: Perfect for Formal Occasions

    Formal black dresses for women are appropriate for many special occasions.

    • Invited to a friend's super-fancy black-tie wedding? Keep it classy in a black maxi dress.
    • Boss ask you to attend a charity gala on behalf of the company? A black midi dress is a safe bet.
    • Headed to a party with your S.O.? A black dress always makes a good impression.

    Whether you're wearing a simple black formal dress or one with plenty of embellishments, it's hard to go wrong. Styles run the gamut from sophisticated to sexy! It's no surprise that women reach for black dresses when they're searching for something that will make them look classy while they rub elbows with important people. Pair a black dress with the right pair of shoes and some statement jewelry and you're sure to make a memorable impression.

    Black Dresses for Everyday Wear

    You don't need a special reason to pull out a black dress. Sure, they're great for fancy occasions, but you can't go wrong with a cute black dress to plenty of other events.

    • Wear a black dress to the office to look polished and professional.
    • Rock an LBD at your bestie's birthday party and draw just the right amount of attention (without upstaging the birthday girl).
    • Head out to the club in a hot black bodycon dress with lace or sequins and you'll surely turn heads.

    Black dresses are also great for teenagers: Our cute black dresses for teens work for just about every occasion!

    • Sure, you could wear a brightly colored prom dress like everyone else... OR you could make jaws drop with a slinky black number.
    • Not sure what to wear under that graduation gown? A black dress is often a smart, neutral choice.
    • When it's time to go on job interviews, a black dress can help you wow them without stealing the attention from your professional accomplishments.

    You can go just about anywhere and do anything in a black dress. Dress it up with the right accessories and you'll be ready for an elegant affair; dress it down with colorful shoes, a bright bag, or a distinctive scarf and you're ready for work or a night out.

    Find an LBD That's H-O-T 

    Is there any wardrobe staple more iconic than a little black dress? Whatever your special occasion may be, whether it's a wedding, homecoming, or date night, a black cocktail dress is a perfect fit. An LBD is a closet must-have to give you the perfect reliable look for just about every occasion.

    Where Can You Wear Cute Black Dresses?

    Little black dresses can go anywhere you're brave enough to take them. Don't let their dark color fool you: They fit in everywhere from more casual occasions to upscale events, it just depends on the cut of the dress and how you style it.

    • When it's time to hit the club, go on a first date, or catch that special someone's eye, cute black dresses are a natural choice. Turn heads in a hot bodycon or mini: The perfect little black dress can make black look far from basic.
    • A little black dress is great for office mixers, meetings, and dinners, creating a look that's polished and professional. Just make sure it's long enough to be office appropriate!
    • Meeting the parents? An LBD expresses your style in a cute and sophisticated way that will impress any potential in-laws.
    Accessorizing Your Little Black Cocktail Dress

    Black goes with everything, and we offer plenty of ethically made, trendy jewelry, hats, scarves, and bags to add plenty of style to your ensemble. When choosing accessories, pick what speaks to you. The dress is your canvas, and your accessories tell your story.

    • A touch of color can transform you from the mysterious gal at the bar to the life of the party. Black sets off other colors, so go for that bright clutch and don't be afraid of red lipstick.
    • If you're a fan of the classics, slip on some pearls. A strand necklace and simple studs will give you an elegant look that's totally timeless.
    • Want to go monochromatic? Experiment with mixed textures to change things up. Even if everything you wear is black, a silky neck scarf can contrast beautifully with a dress that hugs your curves. A cute fuzzy hat brings focus to your face over a cozy knit dress. The styling options are endless, it's just up to you what makes you feel your best.
    • Don't forget what your little black dress is hiding: Match it with the perfect black bralette for a demure look. If you want a bit of color, pick a lavender, crimson, or baby blue bralette that peeks out just a hint.
    Finding the Perfect Little Black Dress's Sole Mate

    If you're going to shop little black dresses online, you'll need the perfect shoes to complete your look. Short black dresses bring a lot of attention to your feet, and just changing shoes can give you a whole new style.

    • Lots of women choose a polished black pump to match their perfect little black dress. It's simple, and it's always on trend.
    • If you want to wear your formal dress in a more casual setting, adding boots or sneakers gives your outfit a high-low vibe. You can adjust how formal you look by the shoes you choose.
    • When it's time to get classy, take a risk: Go with a colorful heel. Red stilettos are timeless, but a blue or purple pump is just as daring and just as perfectly matched.

     Shop for LBDs and Black Formal Dresses Online and Save!

    We know online shopping can be a hassle! Black dress selections can be disappointing, and some high prices can make you think twice. But we are different: We have a huge selection of the latest styles in every color, black included, and we think that luxury fashions should be affordable.

    Here are some of the benefits of buying a black dress:

    • Black is a classic and versatile color that can be worn for any occasion.
    • Black dresses are slimming and can help you look your best.
    • Black dresses are flattering on all body types.
    • Black dresses are always in style.
    • Black dresses are a great investment piece that you can wear for years to come.

    If you're looking for a dress that will make you look and feel your best, then a black dress is the perfect choice. Shop our collection today and find the perfect dress to add to your wardrobe.



    Comfy yet feminine!

    I got this navy floral dress and love it. It has a bright yet soft look. The material is light and cool making it wearable in warm or cool weather. Very comfortable and feminine feeling. Nice length- not too long or short - and great for dancing! It looked huge at first but fits great once I put it on. Love the boho style too.
    First time dress bought on-line and was happy.

    Kate C
    Los Angeles, CA

    Gorgeous and Flattering

    I recently wore this to a friends outdoor wedding and it was absolutely stunning! The fit was perfect the colour divine and I love the asymmetry. There are many accent colours to pair with these piece which makes accessorizing creative. I received many compliments thank you Sandhya! <3

    Austin, Texas

    I love this dress

    I loved this dress, As far as fit goes, the dress fits better on the bottom if you have hips and a butt. I do not fill out the dress well on the bottom, but that’s ok it’s still beautiful. This dress is stunning, I absolutely love it, I bought it for a friends wedding. I got tons of compliments on it! Highly recommend.

    Ria L
    New York, NY

    Over the Moon

    When I opened my package; I could not believe the huge smile that came on
    my face. Not only was it beautiful, the quality was outstanding. I will be wearing many more designs by Sandhya Garg.

    Reba Aylward
    New Bern, NC


    My blouse arrived bold and beautiful. Fits perfectly,. I have already gotten several compliments on this one and I love it!

    Min K
    San Francisco, CA