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(Jamee Haney and Demetra Georgakopolous)

Fashion mom influencers- Jamee of FourtyFabulousUno and Demetra of @motivateenergize talk about fashion, travel, lifestyle and Sandhya Garg resortwear.

SG) Tell us a bit about yourself, your background, when did you start your blog?
JH) Nov 2015. Dee & I started our blog to have a mommy outlet outside of motherhood and also to reinvent ourselves at 40, mid life. After we both had children, we didn't know what to do with ourselves, and we wanted a way to "get back" to how we were before having them, whilst retaining our pride with our new life with them.
SG) What is the story behind your blog?
JH) Our story is to promote and inspire other moms that there is a way to still have the "old" life after kids. We promote healthy minds for those who had post-partum or become stay-at-home moms. Out story is to inspire, give other moms confidence, awaken, and bring positivity.
Jamee Haney Fourtyfabulousuno blog Bohemian style Maxi Dress for 40 plus women
SG) What does fashion and style mean to you?
JH) Fashion is an expression of individuality for Dee and I. Style shows our motherly confidence and wild personalities!
SG) What does Boston fashion mean to you?
JH) Boston fashion is pretty conservative and also oriented towards the youthful, college-age type style. We prefer to think "outside the box", and since both of us travel quite extensively around the world, we're able to bring more modern styles back to "conservative" Boston, which we think many people will embrace if just given the exposure in a relatable, almost direct way. We want to try and present ourselves as the neighborhood types, despite our additional goal of appealing and reaching out worldwide. We tend to and plan to continue to being fierce, funky, fashion-forward and colorful wardrobe pieces into the mix. Boston fashion for us is stand-out-of-the-crowd, show our soul and personality, through bold, sometimes outrageous and funky, fun wardrobe items in our 40s! And hopefully beyond!
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SG) What are your favorite Boston fashion events
DG) Boston Fashion week is always exciting the first week in October.  One of my favorite events during that week is the The Art of Life"

Fashion Show  which includes art exhibits, food, Live Music, film screening, Interactive presentations and pop-up vendors, inspiration station and prizes, Many boutiques around town such as in the North End and Charles street do their own trunk shows and wine and apps for the fashion bloggers to preview early season styles.

SG) What projects are you working on right now.

DG) We are currently working on a project with the Fairmont Hotel in Boston that involves wining and dining in fashion. Also, working with boutiques around town such as Lit Boutique, Soodee and Injenius boutique to display latest trends. 
We also get invited to all the gourmet restaurants around town to taste latest menus. We partnered with the Viking hotel in Newport RI that included a hotel stay, wine tours, mansion tours and a 6 course tasting to promote the hotel.  Jamee is currently designing and her own feather handbags that are a big hit and taking plenty of orders via our blog.
JH) Demetra is shooting professional workout photos for various fitness photographers around town and loves to work out almost daily. 
Demetra fourtyfabilousduo
SG) Boston style and food recommendations 
DG) I will stay Jamee and I are very well traveled and use to purchase clothing from around the world but are excited to see how Boston has evolved to a much more trendier fashionable city.  The influence from all the international students has helped bring a flair to our city. I will say now yes you might see a lot of preppy classical styles but you're also seeing more accessories and more diversified color schemes as in brighter winter coats and a bit more kosher fur.  At night women are wearing trendier styles and the cutest tops with a safe pair of jeans. I'm also seeing cuter workout clothing and relaxed feel daily wear that you see in Los Angeles during the day.
As for food recommendations, Boston has it all even though were not NYC.  You can eat at the best tapas place one day such as Barcelona and then move on too a trendy steakhouse such as Mastros. If you want sushi there is not place better than Boston and I've eaten all over the US. We are blessed with the best seafood.  If you love selfish you better get to Boston and it your heart out.I would say our favorites our Strip Strega and Mastro its a good sophisticated crows especially for us 40s women.
Model and influencer- Jamee Haney and Demetra   
Catch them on Instagram talking to a huge following- @fourtyfabulousuno and @Motivateenergize
Photographer- Wendy Tam at Wendy Tam Photography
Make Up and Hair artist- Teddi Lopez
Collection featured on them- Jaipur Collection

Sandhya Garg is a Project Runway fashion designer. She studied and specialized in women's fashion at London College of Fashion, UK and has worked at Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Liberty London, Alice Temperley to name a few. She has her own successful resort dresses, special occasion dresses, wedding guest looks, swim coverups label. While on Project Runway Season 13, she won 2 challenges and was fortunate to show her collection at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week. The brand has been featured in Marie Claire US,, Elle Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Vogue online to name a few. 

She designs limited edition high end printed spring dresses and swim coverups. Beautiful prints are inspired from around the world to be worn during travel, resort stay or cruise holidays.
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