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Posted by Sandhya Garg on

SG- Tell us bit about yourself, your background, when did you start styling?
TW- I’m from L.A. so I like to say I was born into fashion. As far back as I can remember I always had a passion for styling; it came very natural to me and it was a great creative outlet. After high school, I pursued a degree (and career) as a Marriage and Family Therapy and was a practicing therapist for over 15 years. Soon after having had my third child I wanted a career change and felt it was time to pursue my true passion as a fashion stylist. Five years into my business, I feel so lucky to have the job that I’ve always wanted while connecting my clients with the style they’ve always dreamed of having. 

SG-Tell us a bit about your styling process in Boston

TW- My styling process with a client typically begins in their closest. This is a place where I get to know the person and their clothes. This is a fun process, which usually ends with getting rid of items that don’t fit or are out of style. From there we decide what new items they should consider adding to their wardrobe. My goal is to utilize as much of their already existing wardrobe as possible. Finally, I shop and style outfits based on the outcome my client is looking to achieve (along with a personal look-book for easy reference). 

SG- What does Fashion and style mean to you?

TW- Fashion and style can have a positive impact on attitude and self-esteem. I believe if you feel good about the way you look when you walk out your door then you’re in an overall better position to positively impact the way you perceive (and want to be perceived) in your world.
SG- What does Boston fashion mean to you?
TW- When I arrived from LA almost 18 years ago, I felt as if the fashion scene in Boston was a bit conservative. Recently though, Bostonians are taking a real interest in stepping up their fashion by taking a looser approach to their look. This could be, in part, to the winning/more confident attitude that has swept through this area – not just in sport but in business, education and arts. Bostonians are hitting their “style-stride” and the fashion industry is taking notice.  

SG-What are your favorite Boston fashion events?

TW- I would be hard-pressed to name a specific fashion event in Boston to recommend. If the focus on fashion in Boston continues to evolve as it currently is, my answer will surely change.  

SG- What projects are you working on right now?

TW- Outside of helping my clients, I’m really excited about my fashion blog, Instagram and rewardStyle affiliation, which showcases my style in first-person. Social media has been a transitional, unnerving yet critical component to growing my business. It’s taken me from “behind the camera” of styling others to photographing my own style (with me as the focal-point). My transformation to social-media is on-going and I am very focused on building my brand and audience by delivering quality, reputable and relevant fashion content.
Model and influencer- Tara west at Tara West Fashion 
Photographer- Wendy Tam at Wendy Tam Photography
Make Up and Hair artist- Teddi Lopez
Collection featured on Tara West- Gond Collection
Shop the Gond Collection, worn by Tara West
Sandhya Garg is a Project Runway designer. She studied and specialized in women's fashion at London College of Fashion, UK and has worked at Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Liberty London, Alice Temperley to name a few. She has her own successful resort dresses, special occasion dresses, wedding guest looks, swim coverups label. While on Project Runway Season 13, she won 2 challenges and was fortunate to show her collection at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week. The brand has been featured in Marie Claire US, Ftv.com, Elle Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Vogue online to name a few. 

She designs limited edition high end printed spring dresses and swim coverups. Beautiful prints are inspired from around the world to be worn during travel, resort stay or cruise holidays.


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