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Amaara Stripe Printed Skirt Skirt and Trousers Sandhya Garg Free Shipping Bohemian Bohemian Dress Boho Chic Designer dress Dress for
Amaara Stripe Printed Skirt Skirt and Trousers Sandhya Garg Free Shipping Bohemian Bohemian Dress Boho Chic Designer dress Dress for
Amaara Stripe Printed Skirt Skirt and Trousers Sandhya Garg Free Shipping Bohemian Bohemian Dress Boho Chic Designer dress Dress for
Amaara Stripe Printed Skirt Skirt and Trousers Sandhya Garg Free Shipping Bohemian Bohemian Dress Boho Chic Designer dress Dress for
Amaara Stripe Printed Skirt Skirt and Trousers Sandhya Garg Free Shipping Bohemian Bohemian Dress Boho Chic Designer dress Dress for
Amaara Stripe Printed Skirt Skirt and Trousers Sandhya Garg Free Shipping Bohemian Bohemian Dress Boho Chic Designer dress Dress for
Amaara Stripe Printed Skirt Skirt and Trousers Sandhya Garg Free Shipping Bohemian Bohemian Dress Boho Chic Designer dress Dress for

Amaara Stripe Printed Skirt

$258.00 USD

  • Sandhya's note

    Amaara skirt is a limited edition Red and Blue skirt  in "Hawa Mahal (Air Palace)" Stripe print. This ruffle skirt on 100% Luxe crepe knit. 

    Hawa Mahal is a beautiful palace with Rajput+Mughal architectural details in the city of Jaipur, Rajasthan India.

    • Pencil fit with a flare at hem.
    • Model is 5.8 and wearing size Small.
    • Hand wash inside out in cold water, hang dry
    • This style fits true to size

    Care instructions

    • Hand wash inside out in cold water, hang dry

    Returns and more

    • Custom size available on request. Length can be personalized as well
    • Non-custom and unaltered dresses are returnable within 14days
    • Questions? Contact- labelsandhyagarg@gmail.com


  • Style Guide and Size Chart

    For all our clothing including dresses, tops, jackets, pants and skirts

    Style Tip: For the most accurate results, measure yourself in your undergarments. All measurements are in inches.
    BUST: Measure fullest part.
    NATURAL WAIST: Measure the narrowest part of your torso.
    HIP: Fullest part of hip.


    Size Chart US Womens Dresses by Sandhya Garg
  • Custom Made

    Get your dress custom made to your size and make it yours. Our customization option brings you endless possibilities, from hemline to sleeve and beyond. Start with a baseline style, buy as-is, or personalize your perfect piece from there.
    If you love high quality, well made clothing still exists. Well because clothing should last beyond a season and last for a few years if not more.
    Each of our custom made dresses, custom made tops, or custom made shirts is hand-crafted by a tailor in our design houses using innovative luxury fabrics and hand finishing techniques. Whether you are looking for custom made prom dresses, custom made wedding dresses online, custom made dress shirts, custom made jackets, or even custom made dress online for your travels, reach out to us.
    What does custom made clothing mean?
    The custom made clothing can be defined as clothing built to a specific order or size specifications of a person. An example of custom-made used as an adjective is in the phrase "a custom-made wedding gown," which means a gown that was designed to the bride's size specifications. At SandhyaGarg.com, we love to create custom clothing, if you like a dress but want it with sleeves or a different neck line or shorter or in your own size we can do it all. Just email us on Labelsandhyagarg at gmail

    Made to Measure Dresses

    The main benefit of a custom garment is it fits you like a glove. You can forget about sizes, since you only need to undergo the measuring process once.
    When your dress has a perfect fit, your next one can be manufactured with finished hems and sleeves, eliminating the need for alterations. Add a personal touch when creating a custom wardrobe, you can personalize everything from the sleeve length, to the length of the dress and add pockets, neckline, and even hand embroider your initials. All of your garments are created based on your specific preferences, selection and style.
    Custom made dress

    Our fits- Fit like a glove

    We have worked with many different sizes and shapes of women and over the years we have perfected our fits. We use our own signature luxurious fabrics with a bit of stretch that makes sure the dress fits amazingly well. The clothing is made keeping in mind regular women and their bodies, therefore assuring the right fit for regular body shapes and solutions for regular shape problems.
    Custom made dress

    Why wear what everyone else is wearing?

    The best part about wearing our signature fabric is that it has enough stretch and thickness to smoothen out any bumps and hold your body well. The fabric does not need much ironing as it doesn't crinkle easy making it a great fit for travel.
    At the same time, As we manufacture in our own studio we offer custom make and alterations on each of our dresses. We know how every woman is uniquely beautiful and we believe in one size may not fit all.
    Custom Made
    How much do custom clothes cost?
    If you would like to customize your dress just shop any size closest to your own size and send us an email on labelsandhyagarg (at) gmail.com 
    We will send you a custom quote based on your requirements and make you a one of a kind custom dress, just made for you!
    The price of custom orders vary from $30-$60 plus the listed retail price.


  • 1. What are your sizes like?

    Answer- You can find our size chart here, for custom size or any question about sizes please email us on Labelsandhyagarg@gmail.com

    2. What is your email if I have any questions or concerns?

    Answer- Email us at Labelsandhyagarg@gmail.com, we are reachable 24-7. We usually respond within 5-7 hours if not before.

    3. How do I care for my dress that I bought from you?

    Answer- For scuba fabrics (Soft Stretchy material) you can hand/machine wash the dress inside out in cold water using mild detergent, gentle setting and hang dry. Scuba dresses usually don't need ironing but if needed you can iron them on medium setting.

    -For silk fabrics gentle hand wash or dry cleaning is recommended.

    -For embroidered dresses dry cleaning is recommended.

    -For hand woven dresses gentle hand wash or dry cleaning is recommended.

    4. What is your shipping policy?

    Answer- All orders above $250 ship free worldwide, use code FREESHIP. Please allow 7-14 days for your order to arrive. We use UPS or USPS trackable shipping for all US domestic orders and DHL for all internationaly shipped orders. 

    5. What is your return policy?

    Answer- We offer free exchanges on sizes of the same dress. For example you bought size XS in Minara dress and you would like to exchange it for size S of Minara dress, You can do that within 14 days of receiving your order free of charge.

    • Our refund policy on Custom made or altered dresses is Non-refundable.
    • Refund policy on regular size (XS, S, M, L, XL) orders is that you can return unused, unworn garment in perfect original condition and original packaging within 7 days of receiving the order. Incase you return the garment, once we inspect the garment and approve the return you will be charged shipping and restocking fee of $15 (Domestic US) and rest of the amount will be returned to you through your original payment method. Please allow 7-14 business days for the refund to show on your credit/debit card statement.

    6. Do you offer custom, made to order, bespoke services?

    Answer- Yes, we offer all of the above just email us on Labelsandhyagarg@gmail.com and we will discuss the possibilities with you.

    7. Do you offer alterations?

    Answer- Yes, we offer alterations on our regular sized dresses. Email us on Labelsandhyagarg@gmail.com and we will let you know how much it would cost. We usually charge $30-$60 for any alterations.

     8. Can I return altered Clothing?

    Answer- Sorry, we don't accept altered dresses, trousers, jackets or tops because the garment has been already altered from its regular sizing to fit your needs.

    9. Where can I come see the dresses physically and try them on?

    Answer- We update our website- event section for any popups or shows we are doing so we can meet in person. Signing up for our helps us get in touch with you when we have an event including an awesome fashion show. Our regular studio is in Uptown Dallas, Texas and you are welcome to email us a few days in advance to book an appointment and come try stuff on.

    10. Can I bring my friends along to shop at your studio?

    Answer- We love to throw parties at our studio. If you and your friends would like to come and shop, just email us on Labelsandhyagarg@gmail.com and we will have some treats and the studio ready for you to party.

    11. How do I know my dress is exclusive?

    Answer- The print of the dress is exclusively designed by Sandhya herself. She draws inspiration from her travels and takes many days to research and design the print from scratch by drawing, sketching, painting, CAD and more before arriving at the final print and then getting it printed at her own printing facility. From starting till the end the process is all hers. After we have the perfect print on the perfect fabric we start working on dress shapes and the collection. We manufacture in our own design studio in USA and India, thus making sure our clothing is exclusive and top quality.

    12.What is the Fabric and quality of your garments?

    Answer- All of our fabrics are printed and embroidered in India. We work to ensure the finest quality of construction and never employ the use of child labor or unfair trade practices. Embellishments are meticulously hand-applied. This skill is very specialized and only performed by the greatest of heritage craftsman who have perfected their trade. We pride ourselves in supporting the Indian people (Sandhya herself comes from India and grew up around craft) at this very unique craft. The beauty of our fabrics and embellishments lie in their uniqueness and there may be slight variations in color and design. Because these pieces are 100 percent made by hand, slight variations in the placement of the patterns are to be expected (and, we think, part of the charm!)

    13. Can I find your dresses at cheaper prices or do you go on sale?

    Answer- We print a limited quantity of fabric and make a select number dresses with it so we rarely go on sale as we are already sold out and don't need to reduce prices. No one except us sells our clothing and you will get the best pricing on our website. We have offers for new and returning customers if you are signed up to our .  

    14. How should I style my dress?

    Answer- We would love to send you styling tips, just email us on Labelsandhyagarg@gmail.com with your dress name and occasion and we will send you amazing tips and tricks!

    15. I want a dress for my daughter, can you make it?

    Answer- We can definitely make a dress for your daughter, just tell us how old she is, what dress you are looking at and what size she wears in a know brand like GAP or Zara or Old navy or any know brand. We will get back to you with pricing, usually 50%-70% of the regular size cost and time frame. If it all works out we make the dress and ship it to you. You can email us on Labelsandhyagarg@gmail.com