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Fashion Influencer and Blogger we love : Catch Grace Liang of @Colorandgrace, a Michigan based fashion, beauty, travel and wellness influencer and blogger.
In her own words "I am a full-time, petite, influencer in my forties born and raised in China. Now I am based in Troy, Michigan, U.S.A. Here I blog about lifestyle: fashion, beauty, travel, and wellness. I am also an author, public speaker, and advocate of personal development. Read more about how I discovered my true purpose and turned my life around here."

"Hello, my name is Grace Liang. Let’s make my life long story short, first. I am a 44-year-old woman who was born and raised in China. I struggled with poverty and family abuse for many years. I moved to America for love in 2007. I finally started to feel life is great after many years of struggling. By marrying my best friend/soul mate, I started to enjoy a normal and steady new life. I married the most amazing man who give me two stepkids and two granddaughters.

In early 2016, my late husband was diagnosed cancer. My world was shaking again. After 10 years of being happily married, I lost my husband to cancer in early 2017. Don’t cry for me, his life is living on with mine.
I have written many posts in the “Living With Cancer” series.

 To celebrate my husband's life I am living my life to the fullest every day as much as I can. I believe in the quote “Infuse your life with action.
Don’t wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future."

Some of her very insightful styling tips that we love-

What to Wear When Traveling in Paris | Dress Like a Parisian

There are many people who have asked me for advice about what to wear when traveling to Paris since I went there by myself this late June, coming home in early July.
One thing I definitely want to tell you, is try to dress like Parisian. I have to say, because I did so, it really helped me fit in so much easier.
Everyone was super nice to me and I didn’t encounter any pickpockets at all because I didn’t look like a tourist.
Below are a few things you may want to consider before you decide what to pack:

1. Weather

Based on my experience, the weather in Paris is always quite chilly compared with most places in America, and it changes quite dramatically. For example, the last day was super hot and the next day I probably would have needed a sweater. If you are thinking of traveling to Paris in the summer months, make sure bring a small umbrella since it is the rainy season. So the key to your outfit should be layering in classy, timeless pieces.

1). A Trench Coat:

I am always cold on airplanes no matter what season, so I know I need something to keep me warm. I was going to Paris, so in my mind this Burberry trench coat is the perfect choice for this purpose. After I arrived in Paris, sure enough, I found there are a lot of local people wearing this type of trench. Later, I wore it again when I was touring the Palace of Versailles. It was a super cold day and I was so glad that I had this trench with me.

2) A Striped Tee

Since stripes are the standard for French chic, I think it deserves a spot in your suitcase. I packed two of them, one was short sleeve and one was long sleeve.

I wore the long sleeve when I was visiting Notre Dame Cathedral.

3) A pair of super comfy and flattering jeans

I like traveling light, so I didn’t pack many pair of pants. There was just a single pair of blue jeans and another pair of black jeans that made it into my suitcase. Somehow I never even wore the black ones. 😉 French women know how important the cut, length and fit of a pair of pants are. So, if you want to dress like a Parisian, don’t just wear a pair of comfy jeans, make sure they are flattering for your body type. For my petite frame, these cropped, high rise jeans are the most flattering type I can find.

4) A light-weight short jacket

It can be a universally flattering denim jacket Or a polished blazer.

2. Activities

It all depends on what you do in Paris. I was there by myself, so I didn’t pack anything for a romantic dinner. I did book some nice dinners, so semi-formal pieces are perfect for this purpose.

I wore a suit when I was visiting the Louvre and then on a Seine River Cruise. Later I also went to Moulin Rouge to see a show.

3. Functional

1) Shoes:

How do you dress for Paris when you know you will be walking all day long? My answer is stylish flats, especially white flats, but not your gym shoes.
Bring a pair of fancy and comfy shoes for a polished vibe. I wore Chanel flats for some nice dinners and many other looks during my stay in Paris.

2) Bags:

The casual bag: It is also very important to have a carry-it-all bag that can fit everything you need for a whole day of walking.

3) Accessorize like a Parisian

Bright red lips
French people love scarves
Chic Sunglasses and fun earrings

You have seen this pair of white Fendi sunglasses many times here.

 Try to dress like a Parisian, make sure to stick with neutral colors, but use a pop of colors with accessories. I hope you find this post is useful! 🙂
You can read all my What To Wear series including what I have worn when I traveled around the world and for special occasions. Hope those posts will be helpful for you! 🙂

Here are some excerpts from her life lessons-

Life After Loss Get Up, Dress Up, and Never Give Up

Today is the 7 month mark of my late husbands passing. I can’t say it is getting easier, but certainly I am getting used to it. I know most of my days are kinda normal, but some days will not be so pretty. Those ups and downs are my new normal now. I want the people who care about me to understand that it is ok if I am down for a while, because it is a part of this process. I always can find a way to bounce back, and after each bounce back I will be even stronger.

“Get Up, Dress Up, and Never Give Up” has been my motivation for a long time. It has been helping me hold myself together for many years. Oddly, this summer break has been the most relaxing one for me.

I set up a daily routine even before my break started and followed through everyday. That means I have an alarm everyday, even though I don’t need to go to work. I cook myself breakfast, lunch and dinner. I go to the gym 4 or 5 times a week. Even in the most difficult days, I still follow this routine. I believe, as long as I still can get up, I will have the chance and ability to make it a better day.

Dressing up for me is a no-brainer. It has been my own special way for years to fight back with all the difficulties in my life. It is kinda like my fight song, to show all my troubles that I am still here, still loving and taking care of myself. Most importantly, I am unbeatable. Bravery for me doesn’t mean a person who never cries or has never gotten beaten up by life. It means no matter how many times and how badly beaten up they were, they can still stand up, even taller than before.

My man knew me better than I knew myself. Before he passed away, he said I will be fine because I have always been a fighter and I always rise again after tough times. But, he did ask me to continue enjoying my life without him. He wanted me to remember that I am worth it. YES! I am totally worth it. Everybody is worth it and should make this only lifetime the best as we can! So I am not going to complain and say “why me?” I am not going to wait on others to rescue me. I deserve a happy life and I am going to get it. I am not going to give up on enjoying my life and chasing my dreams because I am a poor widow.

- From Grace's Blog, read more on her amazing website.

And there is much more on her blog, so follow her to get awesome style tips. Here are some crisp fashion bytes from Grace Liang of Color and Grace herself-

SG- What is your personal style or fashion mantra? How do you plan a look?

GL- My personal style is timeless with a colorful and fun twist. I usually start from one item to match my mood that day, it can be a top, a pair of shoes or even just a pair of statement earrings. Then I build the whole look around it.

SG- You favorite travel/resort destination, travel tips or packing tips?

GL- I have traveled to 15 countries so far and plan to visit at least a new country each year. I like to travel light but still stylish. My biggest tip is to pack something that can be layered with others and can be transitioned to different styles. I usually pack basics along statement pieces and use a lot of statement jewelries since they are small but still can make any outfit standing out.

SG-   Your favorite look for Detroit summer and Detroit winters?

GL-  For Detroit summer, I love a colorful and girly blouse with a jean short and nude booties.
For Detroit winner, I usually wear a rich colored feather or fur short jacket with basic cashmere sweaters, sporty style pants and white booties.

SG-  Your styling tips for making a boring outfit into fashion success

GL- All basic pieces can be boring if without colors or statement pieces. So I usually add some color touches, for example, a bold red purse. a burgundy booties, or an animal print scarf. I also love to use statement jewelries to make it a fashion success.

SG-  What is your favorite go to outfit?

GL- Fitted jeans with fitted top and a pair of comfy crunchy heel, or kitten heel booties.

SG- Tips on being a successful fashion influencer, and producing gorgeous content?

GL-  Be real and be yourself. I don't really follow the trend that much and I always add my colorful and fun twist to each outfit I wear.

SG-   Anything you want to say to your followers?

GL-  You are beautiful and you just need to spend some time to find your own style, colors and fit.

SG-  Who were your favorite NYFW designers and what's your trend forecast?

GL-   I love Alice & Olivia. I believe sporty style will be still in.

All photos courtesy- Victor Koos Photography


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