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Planning a trip to Bermuda Resorts, Bermuda Island or Bermuda Hamilton? Let us give a glimpse of our fashionable travel to Bermuda. And we did all of Bermuda in an AirBnb and on a bike. Bermuda is 21-square miles of natural beauty and colorful island culture. To get a lay of the land, explore the island's three regions – West End, Central Bermuda and East End – and get an overview of the world-renowned beaches dotting its shores. Blue waters and pink sands are synonymous with the drop dead gorgeous Bermuda island. Did I ever tell you I have never seen waters as blue as they are in Bermuda and sand as pink as it is Bermuda? The island itself is a step back in time with minimal traffic, vintage colorful houses, unparalleled natural beauty, European architectural feel, and unbelievable shades of blue, yellow and pink colors. Find Bermuda on map next to Florida in the Atlantic ocean, this tiny island is a whole country and used to be a British colony once.
Bermuda cruise is very famous and many people enjoy visiting Bermuda via the cruise route.

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My husband, toddler, and I took a short 2 hour flight from Boston to Bermuda's LF Wade International Airport. We got a cozy Airbnb (photos underneath were taken at our Airbnb) in Smith's Parish that overlooked the sea and was owned by the most lovely old lady I have ever known. At her recommendation we called the local bike company and rented bikes, which was extremely convenient and light on pocket.
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Bermuda Weather 
Bermuda’s weather by default setting is blue skies and bright sunshine. It’s climate is sub-tropical, thanks to two natural allies: the Gulf Stream and the Bermuda-Azores High. The Gulf Stream pushes warm, equatorial water to the west and north of the island, up from the Gulf of Mexico. While the temperatures are generally mild, the island’s weather can be a bit quirky. Mostly sunny conditions with cool temperatures will prevail mostly, as Bermuda remains under the influence of a ridge of high pressure. This ensures comfortable temperatures year round, from mid 60s in the winter to mid 80s in the summer. The Bermuda-Azores High is a high-pressure zone that lies east of the island in the summer, shielding Bermuda from storm systems to the north and wafting light, southerly winds its way. Humidity and temperature may increase during summer months starting May. Occasional showers and rainy periods can also be expected sometimes. Umbrellas can go up for brief showers in the West End while people in the East End are basking in sunshine. Out here, you’ll find gentle trade winds and generous trade-offs: the wind makes for world-class sailing, and rainfall throughout the year keeps the parks and golf courses lush.
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Bermuda pink sand beach

There is no car rental in Bermuda as it is a very small island with few roads, probably 2-3 main roads that actually run through the whole island. You are bound to drive on most of the roads in the country when you are in Bermuda. I found this to be very interesting and romantic.
There are tiny two seater electric vehicles and scooter bikes for tourist rental. We were lucky enough to get our hands on a bike and enjoyed it thoroughly to say the least. The tiny electric cars looked cute and comfortable too. Expect the locals to interact with you while you hang around the country. We had many locals talking to us as we were riding on our bike around.
Bermudan people are very friendly, helpful and curious. 


On the same day we landed, we rode to Spittal Pond and Gravelly Bay which were a short 10 minute ride away from our Airbnb and enjoyed the beach and kids play ground. We also took a leisurely ride through the St. George which had the most beautiful colorful houses and a quaint feel.

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Bermuda hamilton stairs
Bermuda travel hamilton


On Day 2, we took our bike to gorgeous Crystal and Fantasy caves and enjoyed seeing them. These caves were a relatively easy hike down some stairs to a decent size cave full of crystal clear water and some gorgeous calcium rock formations. The story of two 10 year old boys looking for their lost ball and serendipitously discovering these caves was fascinating.

After seeing the caves we enjoyed some delicious homemade ice-cream from a local shop that was right next to the caves. There was also a great restaurant across from the caves serving sumptuous sea food.

Image courtesy- Sugar and Cloth

Bermuda hamilton
Bermuda Hamilton hotels

In the afternoon we drove to Hamilton. Hamilton is Bermuda's capital and has city like feel housing a majority of hotels and restaurants. Hamilton is also the place to be if you are looking for shopping, culture, and a more city life like options in Bermuda.

Below is a photo of one of the colorful cozy stair street in Hamilton with restaurants and shops on both sides.
There is no dearth of adventure in Bermuda, we booked a day trip on a glass bottom boat to see the world famous Bermuda Triangle, ship wrecks, colorful houses, and sea life. The tour was great as we saw some really beautiful sites. Canoeing and snorkeling at the shipwreck site was amazing.

For adventure seekers some companies were offering water jet ski tours around the island which looked perfect for an ideal day.

cat boy love baby cat bermuda caves
Bermuda hamilton evening stroll


On our last day we went to the Horseshoe Bay cove and middle beach. They were super perfect for a swim and water activities and also for an easy short rock climbing adventure right next to the beach. We ended the day by riding to the furthest tip of Bermuda and enjoying the shipping dock- Royal Navy Dockyard. The Royal navy dockyard had huge cruise ships docked and some great shopping options in a local market within an old fort. The famous Bermuda Rum Cake Company also operated from there and you can taste and shop these delicious cakes (our favorite was the chocolate rum cake, yum!!)
The cruise ships are also a great way to go see Bermuda but it may not give you enough time to enjoy the unspoiled coves and pink sand beaches. In whatever way you choose to experience Bermuda - go do it, make your own adventure, and do it in style!

Bermuda caves
Bermuda triangle travel

Pink sands of Bermuda are still fresh in my memory.
Go to Bermuda for pristine pink sand beaches, crystal caves, turquoise blue waters, lush greenry, delicious rum cake, unapologetic yellow sunshine, rusty mysterious ship wrecks and grey eyed local people.


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