Women's Loungewear and Athleisure: Explained

Women's Loungewear and Athleisure: Explained

Loungewear is defined as casual clothes suitable for relaxing and laying around at home. Loungewear is loose clothing in which one can lounge.  This type of clothing can be worn to sleep but it is primarily intended for lounging around the house and occasionally being worn outside.  A major appeal of loungewear is its versatility & comfort. It is not completely uncommon for someone to run out to a local retailer to grab some groceries in their lounge pants.  But they most likely are not going out to the store in their nightwear such as a negligee.  This is why nightwear / sleepwear is categorized differently than loungewear. 

Loungewear can be worn to sleep but also as active wear during exercise and other day to day activities. 

Loungewear is typically more sophisticated, tailored-looking clothes for your at-home shift. It’s pretty exclusively black, gray or rich, dark solids like blue. A loungewear wardrobe consists of coordinating separates like tees, tanks, jackets, a gown, leggings, pants or capris you can mix and match. It fits more body-consciously than PJs and is made from modal or cotton blends; sometimes fleece, too. Wear it for running errands, having guests over or being a well-dressed houseguest yourself.

Loungewear is informal clothing usually designed to be worn at home
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