Top 10 Fall Color Trends

Top 10 Fall Color Trends

Top 10 Fall Colors 2020 to Step Up Your Style

Color in Fall/Winter 2020/21 is all about classic colors with an extra shot of personality. These new hues are a creative twist on some of our fall favorites. In other words, they are functional colors, but they stand out!

Here are Pantone’s Top 10 Colors for

Fall and Winter 2020/21


Peach Nougat

This nurturing peach invites warmth. I’d call it a peach version of blush. This would be very pretty on neutral and warmer complexions.


This natural, rustic, outdoorsy shade reminds me of a fawn -soft, muted.

Rose Tan

The gentle, composed, dusty pink is a good way to wear pink to work. It’s feminine, but the bit of brown in it makes it look more professional.


This sultry red has an upbeat kind of energy. I love this color. It’s exciting and expensive looking.

Fired Brick

A strong and sturdy brown. This is the color I think of when I think of Autumn. The depth of this color is so warm, cozy and comforting.


Green Sheen

This yellow-green is a very unusual color, especially for this time of year. If you can pull it off great, but it can be rather acidic like lemonade even when it is light. For rebels!

Amber Glow

This radiant orange is considered a very creative color. I always find any shade of orange looks great this time of year as the leaves begin to fall. This one has a burnished feel to it.

Ultramarine Green

Deep, cooling, and self-assured is how this rich green is being described. It can be quite stunning on the right gal, especially if you have a hint of green in your eyes!

Classic Blue

I like this stunning blue. Deep and mysterious like “an evening sky open to a world of possibilities”, is how the color experts describe it.

Magenta Purple

What’s not to love about this hypnotic, mesmerizing purple that is such a gorgeous regal, jewel tone?

How to Wear the New Fall Colors

It’s always a good idea to add at least one or two of these new Fall colors into your wardrobe, but be careful you choose ones that work with your seasonal palette. There is no sense wearing the latest colors if they look horrible on you.

Remember, you don’t have to wear every “in” color to look fashionable. Sure, you may get lucky one year and find that all the trendy colors may fall within your seasonal palette. But that’s not always the case. You can still wear a seasonal color that is not in your palette as an accent. It can be the color of your shoe, purse, or jewelry.

An example of this: If amber glow is not your best color, then wear it in a print. For instance, you could wear a floral dress that has some amber in it. Your other option is to carry an accessory in amber, such as an amber bag.

Here are a few examples of prints that combine these new Fall colors.

Best Neutrals to Mix with the Fall 2020 Colors

You can tone down the look of these very bright fall colors by pairing them with this season’s classic neutrals. Here’s what looks classy and chic with these creative colors.

What do you think of the new fall colors? Which will you wear and how? I’d love to know.




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