Lavender Outfits: A Surprise Fall Color Trend

Lavender Outfits: A Surprise Fall Color Trend

When you think of Autumn fashion colors, brown, rust, gold, dark green and plum come to mind… but lavender? The prettiest of purples is an unexpected fall color trend that is fresh and exciting. Here are three fall Lavender outfits that are easy to put together and totally on-trend.

Lavender Blouse

Since Lavender is a natural in summer and is now suddenly popular for fall, it’s the perfect color to wear to transition your wardrobe. A pretty button-up, front tie blouse like this looks great in September and early October worn with a pair of white jeans. (Yes, you can wear white jeans after Labor Day!)
Instead of wearing sandals, switch to closed-toe mules for fall. Snake print is super trendy and looks fabulous with this color combo in addition to giving the outfit a more grounded Autumn look.
Once temperatures drop, you can switch to black jeans with your lavender top – another very modern, stand-out color combination.

Lavender Vest

Lavender is such a unique color to wear in the fall that it works well when it is the hero piece in your wardrobe. This faux fur vest is a great example. All you need are a pair of blue jeans, a neutral top and this lovely lavender vest to look wow when you walk in a  room. In a world full of brown, black, and cream faux fur vests, this is a real head-turner.

Lavender Dress

We’ve seen a little lavender thrown in here or there, but head to toe lavender, (outfit, shoes, and accessories) is all the rage. If that feels like it might be a bit much for you, then how about a pretty lavender dress? Lavender is feminine like pink, but not as girly, so a pretty dress in Lavender is perfect for a wedding or any other special occasion.
Plus, lavender is light and bright without being loud, so it casts a nice glow on your skin and lights up your face. This beautiful ruffled dress with the keyhole neckline works for many occasions and looks delicate and lovely with nude heels and a nude bag.
Are you ready to put a little lavender in your life this fall? How do you feel about wearing this spring/summer color this time of year, and what would you wear it with? I’d love to know.
Do you want to look younger, more vibrant, and wow? Not only will the right colors make you look fresh and modern and youthful, but they make you feel happier and more confident too.
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