Garment Care


Holidays and vacations and special occasions are all about having fun. We believe that you should enjoy the moment and hope you enjoy this garment while looking and feeling gorgeous. But please remember the garment is not indestructible, it is indeed rather delicate. Many sharp things, natural water bodies, plant/tree branches, jewelry can damage the garment.

Each piece has been made by hand and the small imperfections are what make your garment unique.

Please follow our recommended care to increase the life of the garment and to ensure that it travels with you for many vacations to come.


Ensure you read the care label and cleaning instructions before attempting to clean.

By following the instructions on the care label you will keep your clothes looking their very best for longer.

Always steam or iron on cool on the reverse in accordance with the care label.


Non embellished or embroidered scuba dresses can be gently hand washed or machine washed on gentle cycle in cold water, inside out. For embellished and embroidered pieces check the embellished section below.


All pieces made with silk should be dry cleaned. 


All pieces made with cotton can either be hand washed or machine washed cold and laid flat to dry.


Non embellished and embroidered man made fabric dresses should be dry cleaned.


For embellished pieces we recommend you take your garments to a reputable, specialist dry cleaners who are experienced in cleaning delicate garments. In certain cases spot cleaning is also recommended.