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10 Looks for Stylish Quarantine Staycation

10 Looks for Stylish Quarantine Staycation

I don't know about you but I've made it through a few weeks of self quarantine, sheltering in place, social distancing, or whatever you want to call it, and I could definitely use a little sunshine, color and rainbows! 

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Best beach outfits for before and after swim

Our top beach looks that you cannot go wrong with. Planning a day on the beach? You've got a gorgeous swimsuit but looking for a dress or kaftan to complete your goddess look. Well, we have got you covered then.

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How do you choose the best beach vacation dresses?

What to wear on a vacation : How do you choose the best beach vacation dresses? What to wear on a resort vacation this summer. Are you going to a beach resort for a summer vacation but don't know what to pack. We have some tips and recommendations for all body shapes, and sizes.

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10 Comfy yet stylish travel outfits

There is something incredibly romantic about traveling the world and thanks to airplanes this fantasy has become a reality. We all make memories everyday and with latest technology phones we make sure each of those memories/selfies are photographed, instagrammed, pinterested, snapchated, tweeted or more.

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Our 10 favorite resort wear brand

If you are looking for exclusive special investment dresses for your vacation wardrobe, we would like to chime in and share with you some of our favorites. We have diligently researched and found these luxury women resort wear brands to be beautifully designed with special love.

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Hello Coachella lovers

Coachella festival is almost here and are you all set with your gorgeous looks for the show? For many dressing for Coachella means lots of fringe, color, sparkle, crop tops, and general boho-chic style.

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Maxi Dress decoded by Angelica Guillen

Planning a vacation and not sure what to wear?
A maxi dress could be the answer to your needs. Maxi Dress is a long length dress brought back to the fashion radar by Oscar de la Renta in the ’60s;
it is the best piece of clothing to bring on vacation for multiple reasons.

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What to wear to a cruise

A cruise vacation is a fun way to travel, relax and have fun with your partner, family and/or friends without worrying about or planning about what all to see, what all to do or where to eat and shop. The cruise company takes care of all the planning while you sit, relax and truly enjoy your vacation.

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Gorgeous maxi dress picks

I recently discovered my love for a maxi dress. I am a mom, a fashion entrepreneur and a frequent traveller. I like dresses that make me look effortlessly good and voila a maxi dress does exactly that. 

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Sustainable fashion

What is Sustainable Fashion?

"Sustainable fashion is a movement and process of fostering change to fashion products and the fashion system towards greater ecological integrity and social justice. Sustainable fashion concerns more than addressing fashion textiles or products. It comprises addressing the whole system of fashion. This means dealing with interdependent social, cultural, ecological and financial systems.

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Sustainable fashion
Sustainable fashion blogs

Best sustainable fashion blogs

Our Pick for Best Slow Fashion Blogs
Sustainable Fashion | Slow Fashion | Ethical Fashion
No matter which form of sustainable fashion, slow fashion, ethical fashion or fair trade manufacturing principles you follow. We have picked a variety of ethical fashion blogs who talk about sustainability in fashion at many levels. You are sure to find a way to make fashion sustainability work for you by reading our picks on Best ethical fashion blogs.Our Pick for Best Slow Fashion Blogs

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resort casual attire

Casual resort dress code explained:
Meaning of resort casual attire

Resort Casual would simply mean casual clothing appropriate for a Resort. For women resort casual dresses, may include sundresses, maxi dresses, dresses in beautiful prints, colors and soft fabrics. Fitted shorts, slacks, pants combined with colorful tops or blouses may also be included in Resort casual dress code. 

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Resort Casual Attire
Wrap for dresses usa online womens boutique designer dress

Wrap Dresses- Easy and Stylish

Wrap dresses are super flattering for all body shapes, and heights. No matter if you have tricky hips, shoulders or any spots that make you not so sure about yourself: a wrap dress has you covered. Everyone who knows fashion knows that a wrap for dress goes from the bar to the workplace. Women all over the world are embracing the wrap dress as a bit of a cult classic, thank you god for giving us the ever flattering and comfy wrap dress.

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Gold Dresses- Must Haves


Here are some gorgeous one of kind dresses in hard to find Gold shades. Metallic palettes are gorgeous and this season we are obsessing over all things gold. with Our gold dress picks will excite the all-important glitz vibe in you.

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Gold dresses for women usa online womens boutique fashion
Resort casual usa online womens boutique designer dress

Resort Casual Meaning

The phrase "resort casual wear" or "casual resort attire" causes anxiety in many a cruise attendee and resort guests. What is casual, Is it formal, semi-formal? What kind of shoes can I wear? How long should my skirt or dress be? While the exact rules may vary by specific resort or cruise, simply imagine that you are going to a country club.

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Pink Maternity Dresses for Baby Showers


Looking for maternity dresses for baby shower? Such a special occasion deserves a special maternity dress; here at Sandhyagarg.com we are passionate about helping you to celebrate this amazing time in your life in style. 

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 PINK MATERNITY DRESSES FOR BABY SHOWERS usa online womens boutique fashion
Our Top Baby Shower Dresses- Blue usa online womens boutique designer dress

Our Top Baby Shower Dresses- Blue

I remember being pregnant with my baby boy who is now 3 year old toddler. I had put on tons of pregnancy weight, had hormonal skin pigmentation, and train track marks (Stretch marks) on my stomach. I loved my baby who was on his way but I didn't know how to love my new uncomfortable big body. My friends wanted to throw me a baby shower and i dint know what to wear that would make me feel beautiful on this special baby shower event and be kind on my curves, marks and flaws. 

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What is Bohemian style and fashion? Bohemian look decoded

Boho Chic Style Explained

Have you ever wondered How to achieve Bohemian or Boho-chic style. A guide to bohemian fashion, bohemian dresses have been very popular lately. Ever heard the words- hippie, boho chic, bohemian style, gypsy style and wondered what exactly it was? Where do you find Bohemian style clothing? Find answers to all these questions and "Bohemian meaning" here.

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Bohemian maxi dresses for women usa online womens boutique fashion