Exclusive styles

Ethically made in small quantities
I get inspired from my world travel, adventures, resort stays, city explorations, museum visits and architectural observations. I love talking to the locals and hearing about famous folklore and stories. This all combined with extensive research leads to designing of each and every print "in-house".
I can 100% guarantee that you will not find our same print or dress anywhere else in the world.
We work with small designer studios that pay higher than a fair wage and employ male and female artisans alike. With every design we make 2 size sets and later on produce on demand and make custom clothing as well.
Exclusive Styles
Not to toot our own horn but if you like it, buy it as this is the only place you can get it. We do not sell through any other sales channels except our own website and social media.
We print only a limited amount of fabric that allows us to make only a few dresses per print. So if you buy a dress its super unique or might even be one of a kind.