To Mom with love

    Mother's Day this 2022 is on Sunday, May 8th.

    To Mom with love

    Mother's Day this 2022 is on Sunday, May 8th.

    Unique Mother's Day gifts for unique moms in 2022- While it might seem a bit early to contemplate what you'll get her for Mother's Day, present realities mean there's reason to act sooner than later — both to get your unique Mother's Day gift ready for shipping and then to get it delivered on time. 

    It's no secret that this Mother’s Day is going to look a lot different this year due to the coronavirus and social distancing — but it doesn’t need to be any less special. The kindest thing you can do for all the mother figures in your life is make them feel appreciated — and that might be doable with a unique gift. Whether they’re an ocean, a highway or a neighborhood away, you can cross that divide with a Mother’s Day gift that’s one-of-a-kind for someone who means the same to you.



    Comfy yet feminine!

    I got this navy floral dress and love it. It has a bright yet soft look. The material is light and cool making it wearable in warm or cool weather. Very comfortable and feminine feeling. Nice length- not too long or short - and great for dancing! It looked huge at first but fits great once I put it on. Love the boho style too.
    First time dress bought on-line and was happy.

    Kate C
    Los Angeles, CA

    Gorgeous and Flattering

    I recently wore this to a friends outdoor wedding and it was absolutely stunning! The fit was perfect the colour divine and I love the asymmetry. There are many accent colours to pair with these piece which makes accessorizing creative. I received many compliments thank you Sandhya! <3

    Austin, Texas

    I love this dress

    I loved this dress, As far as fit goes, the dress fits better on the bottom if you have hips and a butt. I do not fill out the dress well on the bottom, but that’s ok it’s still beautiful. This dress is stunning, I absolutely love it, I bought it for a friends wedding. I got tons of compliments on it! Highly recommend.

    Ria L
    New York, NY

    Over the Moon

    When I opened my package; I could not believe the huge smile that came on
    my face. Not only was it beautiful, the quality was outstanding. I will be wearing many more designs by Sandhya Garg.

    Reba Aylward
    New Bern, NC


    My blouse arrived bold and beautiful. Fits perfectly,. I have already gotten several compliments on this one and I love it!

    Min K
    San Francisco, CA