Long Sleeve Party Dresses That Won't Leave You Cold

    Just because the weather turns chilly doesn't mean you have to give up wearing dresses. Long sleeves are comfortable, elegant, and flattering, keeping you warm while accentuating your silhouette. Whether you opt for something formal in chiffon or lace or a boho dress with flowing bell sleeves, you're sure to look great in our women's long sleeve dresses.

    Where and When to Wear a Long Sleeve Dress

    Is there an ideal season to wear long sleeves? Not at all! There are no hard-and-fast fashion rules forbidding sleeves after Memorial Day, and long sleeves appear in a huge range of the latest styles and trends. You can take these dresses anywhere!

    • A long sleeve dress makes a great choice for a formal event. Even sheer sleeves create a silhouette long associated with elegance, class, and bubbly flutes of Champagne.
    • Going to an outdoor party? Long sleeve party dresses keep you warm as the seasons change. You don't have to compromise fashion to ward off the chill around the bonfire or on the balcony at a New Year's bash.
    • Long sleeve party dresses make fantastic date-night attire. Cute and always trendy, long sleeves keep you comfortable so you can focus on having fun.
    • Long sleeves aren't just for fall and winter: They make great summer clothing, too. Short hems pair well with long sleeves and low necklines to showcase your style without overheating.

    How to Style Long Sleeve Party Dresses

    When you buy long sleeve dresses online, don't forget to finish off your ensemble with the right accessories. A few finishing touches can make or break an outfit, but luckily, it's not hard to make a long-sleeved look turn heads.

    • Good shoes are essential, especially if you go for a mini dress. The right heels can balance out the length of your sleeves and bring attention to your legs.
    • What jewelry should you wear with long sleeves? Necklaces and earrings always go well with this look, but don't ignore your hands. Long sleeves draw the eye to your fingers, so add a few rings to define your outfit.
    • Having a great clutch is key. It doesn't have to make a statement, but make sure you pick something that's both cute and functional.
    • Don't forget the importance of makeup. Long sleeves often evoke a more refined image, so tailor your makeup to suit the look you're trying to achieve.

    Find Your Ideal Long Sleeve Dress 

    Our long sleeve dress online shopping experience brings the latest fashions to your doorstep, and the affordable prices in our boutique mean that you can always keep your wardrobe on point. Which style of long sleeve dress will you choose?

    • Your perfect long sleeve dress may not be a full-length gown. Some of the cutest cocktail dresses have delicate lace sleeves, and a shorter long sleeve bodycon dress makes your legs look amazing.
    • Want something elegant but informal for day-to-day wear at the office? Try a knit dress! These styles are flattering and cozy.
    • Too many options to choose from? Use our filters to narrow down your options based on length, color, and neckline. It's easy to find a look that's uniquely yours!