Mistakes to avoid as a Wedding Guest



1. Don't wear White, beige, off white, black, Ivory, or bridesmaid dress colors. It is not ok to wear white and ivory or any shades of white at a wedding as it the color of the bride unless the invitation specifies that it's an all white wedding. Black is also a big NO as it's mainly reserved for funerals so avoid black, and you don't want to blend in with the bridesmaids so avoid wearing a color similar to bridesmaid dresses too.

2. Don't wear extremely casual clothes, flip flops, unless the invitation dress code specifies that you can do that. Usually a wedding invitation says what is preferred as a dress code at the wedding. Even if the wedding invitation doesn't specify the dress code, see where is the wedding venue. Depending on how casual or formal the location is you will get an idea of what to wear. Stick to semi-formal wedding attire or formal wedding attire as that would be playing safe.

3. Super short, revealing or overtly sexy dress unless that is the specified dress code. 

4. Don't wear anything too sparkly or shiney, you don't want to dull the bride's shine.

5. Denim


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