Women's History Month

 Womens History Month

Women's History Month - 4 Fashion Trends that Liberated Women

Womens History Month
Hi guys, today we are going to talk about four fashion trends that liberated women and that's how we're going to celebrate our International Women's History Month. Now if you're watching this video you want to stay till the end as I am giving away $100 to spend on my webshop on one of a kind, special dresses that you can indulgent that make you feel happy and get you a ton of compliments. So, stay watch the video and put your demon and get $100 to shop who doesn't love shopping. I love shopping. If we haven't met before, my name is Sandhya Garg, you may have seen me on Project Runway season 13 I am a fashion nerd of fashion geek and I create special special dresses that are super unique that women love to wear and wear on special events in their life. So that's what I do. And if you want to see what I do you can see it on www.sandiaga.com that's my name is San dh why a ga rg.com now before we get into the into the content, you know, where are you watching me from? Are you watching me from California or Calcutta or Columbia? Are you watching me from Bombay or Boston? Please put it in comments. If you're watching it on replay. Just say replay Boston or replay San Diego. I love to see all those pretty cities. Where are you watching me from? So let's start for fashion trends that liberated women in 20th century. So the first very first trend comes from 1920s the roaring 20s it's the flapper dress the sheets dress. Tara right here. I love 20 if you don't know me, I have to tell you I love Love A boxy fit flapper dress from the 20s so ladies, you know in late 1800s early 1900s was still wearing corsets Can you believe they were still wearing these super tight corsets? With these big skirts because that was the fashion the Victorian fashion and believe it or not, they would sometimes even faint women could not breathe in the scar sets. It was so hard to you know spend the entire day think that you know something is squeezing you tight. And you're just doing your daily work in that car set in that look that was what they used to pair you know No, no leggings, nothing so, so liberation from that was the roaring 20s. The flapper dress the sheets dress sheets stress right here still in fashion. Super fun, super casual. Let me feature the link. And if you guys want to see where you can get this here. So So here's a sheath dress from 1920s that liberated women. Now you may or may not like she dress if you like a loose comfy sheet dress. Give me a heart. If you like a fitted dress, give me a thumbs up give me a like, Okay. Okay, moving on to the next trend. The second fashion trend that liberated women. It's so basic, you will be like it's gonna blow your mind. A pair of pants. Yeah.
Can you believe that? A pair of pants trousers? You won't even believe if I tell you a secret. It was illegal for women to wear trousers. Even till 2000s. Yes, in some countries, it was low. You could get arrested for wearing a pair of pants. Can you believe that? I mean, I can't even believe that you could get arrested for wearing a pair of pants. So here we go. So you know why as after world war time changed. Women were joining the workforce, they wanted to you know, cycle they wanted to get more done. So pants were just more functional. And you know, of course, liberating at the same time. So as the years moved on, women pushed and pushed and pushed for the rights. So you know, the right to wear pants was? Yeah, it wasn't given it was earned. So the second thing that liberated women and it's so basic, but yet so crazy. And now we are wearing leggings. Maybe we'll be doing another video on how leggings liberated us later on. So do you know some Man who feels liberated in pants, or someone who loves fashion as much as you and I do, tag a friend, tag a friend in these comments, who would love to know these fashion facts and blow their mind to? Okay, I'm going to feature the pants that I'm wearing. I'm wearing a fun Palazzo pant. After I go through my number three, so number 3/3 fashion trend that liberated women revolutionized you know, the corporate scene is the barber suit. Yes, though, barber suit, I think right about 1960s YSL came up with this beautiful, beautiful pantsuit and women were entering workforce, you know, pushing that glass ceiling trying to break it, and they wanted to establish, establish authority. And back then, you know, feeling powerful was about combining masculine and feminine. So you know, women were wearing these jackets, these spans, you know, the power suit, the power shoulders, the padded shoulders, that would really make women feel empowered. And even today we see gorgeous, gorgeous pantsuits, thanks to Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama. And who else who else moon Kamala Harris, Miss Vice President, if you can think of that one woman who inspires you with her power suit, put her name in the comments. I read all the comments, and I would love to see who inspires you. So yeah, do that. Before we get to our $100 giveaway, I'm gonna give you the fourth, the fourth fashion trend that liberated women. It's so good. You'll be like, Oh, yeah, why didn't I think of this? And that's a swimsuit. A swimsuit really liberated women. So Olympic started at what, you know, swimming became a competitive sport by very, very late 1800s, early 1900s. And women could not compete, because Hello, there was no swimsuit. Can you believe that? Women were swimming, and you know, kind of covering up their modesty in this night gown kind of swimsuit, when you read history of suit suit, like really, like, I'm not going swimming in my night gown. But that is what was happening. So this whole innovation and you know, discovery of swimsuit and wearing a swimsuit. And wearing a bikini is probably even only 4050 years old. That's about it. I know, some of you watching would probably be you know, more senior than a beginner his invention. So that's crazy. That's crazy. That swimsuit was just invented. And that really liberated women. And even today, you know, I myself, you know, I'm super hesitant when I have to wear a swimsuit, because you have to kind of embrace the imperfections that are just perfect about yourself. And that in itself is such a liberating journey, you know, just embracing your body, accepting it, and then putting a swimsuit on and actually going out. That's such a liberating thing. And with that being said, I recently read something that was super interesting to me. modesty isn't about hiding ourselves. Know what dusty isn't about hiding ourselves. It's about revealing our dignity. It said by Jessica rave. And I thought it was so interesting that that is what you know, modesty is about what defines modesty for you, you know, why don't you Why don't you tell me that if you would like to share that. And one second, let me link my power suit in the Yeah, so I'm featuring the jacket I'm wearing right now. And let me feature the beautiful job that I'm wearing. So that if you want to shop that and I'm going to feature the trousers.
So guys, now that brings us to the end of for fashion trends, that liberated women now for the $100 giveaway, if you love to shop, and if you love to indulge in gorgeous dresses that gets you a ton of compliments. You want to put your name and email. That's all I need. Name and Email. And you're in the giveaway and I'm going to announce the winner of this $100 giveaway next week. At the same time in my video when I go live, and I show you behind the scenes of my latest collection. How do designers design a collection You can watch that making of my collection. And oh, before you go, let me tell you, thank you for giving me 75,000 plus views on my last with video of five must have some addresses. Thank you so much. You guys are so kind and if you haven't watched it, please watch it. I'm going to link it up. Five must have summer dresses 75,000 plus views. Thank you so much. And if you know a friend who loves fashion who loves one of a kind, unique, unique clothes, handmade clothes, tag them, tag them in this video. And I'll see you next week, same day, same time with something super good. And Happy. Happy International Women's month. And Happy International Women's Day on this Monday eighth of March in advance from me. I love all of you women. Thank you for joining me. Take care Bye

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