How to Pack Dresses and Hand Sew

How to Pack Dresses and Hand Sew

How to Pack Dresses and Hand Sew

 Hi, everybody, so I'm going to try something new today.

And if something doesn't look right, let me know.

First of all, I am Sandhya. You might remember me from Project Runway Season 13, Your favorite Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum fashion show.

So I'm gonna pack some of my online dress orders with you. So you can see, when you order from my online luxury womenswear store web shop, how exactly do you get your beautiful package. So I have, of course, gloves, Corona, you know, we do everything neat and clean. It's all Covid19 safe. 

Beautiful Boutique Packaging

So we pack all our orders in these beautiful keepsake boxes, and they're actually inspired from my collection. So this one is inspired from the latest collection. It's the Art Deco print. And then this one right here it is from my Amalfi print, inspired from the hand painted ceramics of the Amalfi Coast. If you don't know I make my own prints.
So all the fabrics, all the textiles you see for for my dresses are all designed by needs all custom, all bespoke stuff. So we're gonna pack to address and a jacket in this big box, and a gorgeous custom jacket in this box. So that's the boxes for the packaging. Again, they're all you know, just my label my stuff, it's all bespoke. So I got this beautiful, custom order for this golden jacket.
It's this gorgeous jacket, you know, that we make in our design studio.

Everything is handmade, slow fashion, small batch production.

So you know, it's not like we are mass producing stuff. That's there's none of that. So this beautiful golden jacket, it's actually the last that I have made. And I'm gonna attach these custom hand hammered shoulder plates on the shoulders before I pack the dress. So you get to see me stitch it. So it's Project Runway 101. Again, I feel like I'm on the show with the camera on my face. So yes, so yes, this decade, you know, every everything we make is inspected. Is is checked several times. We are people are doing this, you know, it's not mass produced. So it's one piece. And, and yeah, that's, that's, that's how we do and if you have any questions. Thank you. Thank you for your comments. If you have any questions, just you know, put it in the comments, and I will get to all your questions. So I'm gonna add these shoulder plates on the jacket. For the customer. I'm going to keep the plastic bag on so that the customer can take it off when they're ready to wear it. So yes. While I do this, if you have any questions, let me know.
Again, you can go check out my stuff on my website, www Sandhya That's my name. If you don't know about my work.

Remember me from Project Runway, I was on Project Runway season 13. I have a deep, deep love for fashion.

I wearing this dress in the video

And I have actually I used to design and stitch clothes for my dolls since I was eight years old. So I have dreamt of doing this for as long as I can remember, I'm gonna double this thread. And I'm not gonna do a lazy thread. So lazy thread is kind of a French joke when you when you're hand sewing, and you take a super long thread, that's called a lazy thread. It's like a side joke by French people. So I'm gonna do like a, like a not lazy thread and make sure that they are secured here. So I'm going to thread my needle it's kind of hard, sometimes specially with gloves. Even more. So let's do this. Okay, pray for me.
I almost got it. Almost got it. Almost got it. Okay, I got one through the other one. Again. Oh my god. Okay, I'm gonna come closer so you can see it. So this is actually a double thread that I'm threading. So it's even more harder. kind of twist them together. Oh, please. I'm good at this. Okay, let me I'm gonna just just finish threading my needle, I'm gonna take my gloves off and put them on for packaging again. Guys, my hands are washed. Hi, hi. Hi, everybody. Hi. Okay. Ah, threading my needle. Okay. This is like an epic fail.
Let's do this. So, okay, this was much easier, but gloves off. I'm pro at threading needles. So here I'm gonna not the thread and then put my gloves back on without touching anything. Okay, here we go. Ah, Hmm. Well, these gloves are complicated. I wish they matched my dress I'm wearing my own silk maxi dress from my latest collection I was having a bit of Coronavirus blues you know sitting at home, not able to go out and you'd have to be so careful not feeling that great like most of us. So it's like letting brighten up the day that we you know, dress up a bit and you know, wear a beautiful colorful dress. So I did that. So now I have my thread ready. Let's get this started. So this is the custom jacket. I've got my shoulders on that's where the shoulder seam is. Here. I'm gonna make sure my threads Yep, gone in. It's knotted and yes okay, this is gonna take some time because I want to make sure I do it nice and right let's see Yeah, got it.
So I'm gonna do nice take stitches so it's nice and secure. And of course the customer you know once they get it they're ready to wear it they can take the plastic off from the hand hammered shoulder plates and here it is one down few more to go. thread is secured I wish I could you know bring you guys really close had my hands free
This is scissors from project remedies. I still have the sticker I put my name on Sandhya Garg Don't touch my stuff. I'm just kidding. We share dollar things on the show. So again, I'm going to make another nice tight knot for hand stitching. Here it goes. Okay.
So the other side let me bring it closer and show it to you. Can you see this? Okay, I'm not good at this. Yes. So one is staged. I'm going to stitch more two of these and then we start packing the orders. Thank you for all your waves and hearts. I love you guys too. I can see I'm not super super pro at this. This is my first second third life and I'm like I'm really trying to make it happen this time. So stitching here so can touch the phone a lot. Okay again, share a shout out to my customer in Seattle who ordered this custom jacket. I don't know if you're on Instagram or if you're seeing this but I'm putting in a lot of love in your jacket and and I love it. And I love doing this I love doing handwork. I love making sure that the quality of the clothes and dresses and jackets, you know apart from designing everything, everything we do is perfect.
I have customers from you know because I I've kind of lived all around us. So I have customers from Boston from Dallas from Detroit, and I sit and I still you know they email me and tell me how how much they love wearing my stuff and how it's such good quality stuff that you know they get compliments. It's still holding up really well. You know stuff that's two years three years old. It's amazing because you know I don't want my clothes to end up in a pile of trash and well that's the last thing you want. Because I don't want to contribute to pollution.
But I do want to bring you joy so you know we are all about slow fashion high quality products that you can pass on to your kids your you know, or probably even Rhys resell them. I've I've seen a few of my dresses from four or five years ago. You know Being resold, likely we return or a Prada bag, which is amazing, you know, which is amazing to have that resale value. So, so it's it's really high quality stuff. It's pure luxury, handmade stuff that you get. Okay, another non lazy thread. lazy ones are easy because then you know, you don't have to thread the needle again and again. Yes. Okay, here I go again. Wish me luck. I'll take my gloves off and spread the needle, then put them back on.
If you want to ask, Well, on Project Runway, you have to be you have to be extremely fast. I couldn't do this. I couldn't like thread my needle 10 times and,
and, you know, take my own sweet time, it had to be really, really fast. Because we had really, you know, six to eight to 10 hours to design to shop for fabric to buy stuff. Oh my god, and then you know, probably just tough in our mood. So mood trip was just half an hour. And in Yep, it was stressful, man.
So done. I'm gonna put my gloves back on. It's a short thread. I'll be doing this again. I should probably write a blog on how to thread your needle.
Five easy tips and tricks. Because I know it's easy now. But you know, eventually with the glasses and you know, it gets hard. It gets hard.
These gloves? Does anyone have problem putting their gloves back on? Like me?
Okay. I got them. I got them. Yeah. So if you want to hand sew,
and you don't know how to go about it, you know, just just put a comment in my on any of my photos and Instagram. And I would love to give you tips. Or if you want I could do a video on hand embroidery on hand sewing.
Any questions? Just send them my way.
So the last one on this side?

Let's do I guess I'll just do this and then I'll get back the other order. And then I can do this. So I don't know if you guys want to stay with me while I finish it because it's taking some time. Let me know if you guys
wonder. Are you friends with fellow PR contestants? Yes, I am Art 13091989 Yes, I am friends with my fellow PR contestants. They're all amazing. And we support each other most of the times. We do say hi, hello. And I'm so proud of so many of the Illumina you know, people before me, people who came after me. They're all doing amazing, and I'm super happy and proud of them.
Any project or any questions? I don't know if I missed any.
Thank you, Bella. I appreciate it.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Oh my god, you guys are so sweet. You guys are so sweet. Yeah, I said any project on my questions
on my way, and I'm I'm trying my best cuz I'm gonna touch the phone, but I will I will answer them. So the last one before I start packing the order. Let's go.
So this jacket is actually all chifley lace, it's like all golden lace. It's super pretty. And all the seams have been stitched with really tin, golden, vegan leather. And the collar is vegan leather. And it's super, super gorgeous. You know, one of kind. I do. So I don't know if you guys have just joined or if you don't know about my work, I do one of a kind, wearable art stuff. All my textiles are super unique. I create my own prints. We do a lot of hand dyeing. I'm wearing my own dress from one of my latest collections. It's all hand dyed. So someone actually you know, like this master Dyer in India, he kind of wrapped the dresses up he hand dyed each and every color one by one. And it's pure sale. So it act you know, we actually spent a ton of time and effort making these pieces and we don't make a ton of these pieces. We make a very few of them. And of course we do make some against special orders.
So yeah, I mean if you Okay, I'm concentrating
If you have any questions about sewing again and about what I do, so I make one of a kind, beautiful, gorgeous dresses, perfect for gifts, I dropped my thread, you know, just gorgeous stuff that you won't not get anywhere. There is no made in China, there is no mass production here.
There's a lot of handmade stuff, I do a lot myself by hand. And,
and I stand by all my work and the quality that we make, or I mean.
So here are some dented one side, I'm going to do the other side later on, and I'm going to start packing so this as soon as it gets to the customer and they're ready to wear it, they can just take it off. Of course all the information goes. Okay, let me show you the jacket. It's right here.
It's really pretty. I really love it. Let me Okay, let me pack
one box for you. So I have this cordless order for one of my really amazing customers. So I'm going to find her order today, I'm going to open my gorgeous dress keeper box. That's what I call them dress keepers, because they keep your dresses safe. It's nice if you want to hang your dress, depending on the weight of the dress, because sometimes if a dress has a lot of weight to it, you want to put it in a box so that you know the fabric does not get stretched to the V does not get scratched or get stretched. So So let me show you these boxes. They're like really big and sturdy and super cute. So okay, let me start by lining the box with a tissue paper.

So here we go. Okay, and stay, I don't know if you guys can see me. Oh, thank you. Thank you Art 13091 I really appreciate your wonderful compliments. Let me put so I'm gonna be again, I'm not super pro at this kind of you know,
if I am not on the camera, I'm sorry. So this is gorgeous Elsa dress from my latest collection. It's a maxi, and it's inspired from the Art Deco Art period. Art Deco was this beautiful art period that that was like you know, it's prime high in 1920s. If you've seen The Great Gatsby or the Gatsby glamour, Belle Poke Ball party you know all this it's all Art Deco. They used to do beautiful architecture Chrysler Building in New York is all Art Deco. So Detroit has some of the most beautiful art deco buildings that I have ever seen. I lived in Detroit for a year last year. And I lived in the downtown so I kind of walked around I visited the tennis court building Guardian building. Oh my god. If you ever go to Detroit, you have to go see the Guardian building the Fisher building. It's in Midtown. But it is so gorgeous. It is so gorgeous. I mean, it's unbelievable how much beauty there is I I think Fisher was designed by Albert Kahn.
I could be wrong, so don't hold me to that. But it's the details. The gold the opulence. Oh my god super, super stunning. So I'm gonna
put my tag. If you guys live Art Deco, tell me about art deco. What do you think about art deco? Here I'm putting it so being super careful and delicate.
Right here. Thank you guys for staying. Let's see. Hi guys got it.
So the label goes nicely tucked inside that one. So this is another gorgeous silk jacket. It's actually a reversible jacket so it's nice raw silk inside and beautiful cotton it cut outside. That's getting packed in here.
I don't know if my customer who ordered this is online right now.
If she's seen this Hi, I'm packing your order.
So, let me show you. So that's how it looks, you know, we back them up real nice. Let me just flip the camera. Okay, I don't know how to flip this camera.
So it's, it's all back. So you that's how you get it in your box, your gorgeous
dresses, jackets, tops, trousers, whatever you want from me.
And, of course, let me this right here. And my favorite part is actually
my favorite part is actually handwriting the thank you cards, and I say I've got this
order, slip, and I'm gonna put it in this beautiful envelope. So I handwrite all my thank you cards with every order. Because for me, it's not not a business, you know, I'm not trying to make millions or anything like that, for me, it's for the true true love of making beautiful clothes, and talking to beautiful women, my customers and you know, actually knowing them actually knowing what makes them happy, what brings joy to them, what could bring more joy and you know, sharing stories.
One shoulder boutique printed dress for women
So for me, it's about that.
So everything is handmade, it's hands on, we put a lot of care and love in it. And it's kind of, you know, lived in so many places. So I was born in India, I grew up in India. Then I lived in London, I studied in London, I lived there, and I walked and I met so many people and I spoke to such beautiful women in London. And yeah, and you know, you just realize the human factor is so important. It's so important because money is not my motivation factor. It comes really, really, you know, you just you just needed to live. But what is really important for me is actually talking to people and having those connections and making those connections I will we ever see one PR all stars, I'm not sure if there is a PR All Stars anymore. The there. Tim and Heidi left the show they are doing the Amazon show now and project and Raven back to Bravo. So I don't know if Bravo will have all stars, or if they could, because when I was on the show, it was on lifetime network. So I don't know how that works.
But thank you, but you can see me live here and you can you keep up with my adventures on Instagram and Facebook. So yes, I'm going to handwrite a beautiful card for my customer. And no matter how many orders how many repeat orders I get from the same customer every time there's a handwritten card where I thank them for their purchase. And I hope it makes them feel as gorgeous as I want them to feel and as you know, as as much love as put in the order. So I'm just going to quickly write that in like five minutes.
It is a long note. Yes.
So yep, here's my handwritten card. I don't know if you can see it. I can't share customer details with you. But yes, it's perfect. Okay, here we go. And then of course these boxes go into safe, colorful, big on will ups
that in which they are shipped. So I'm gonna close the box. And you can actually use these boxes to store anything after you get the dress. So you could put and you could use them as gift boxes. You could you know, especially with this holiday season, you could send someone a beautiful, beautiful gift in this. So I have my order ready right here. And that's what you expect. So you know all my social media, my website when you get an order from me. Oh, thank you, Bella. Yes, I totally agree. That's how this is how everyone should wear clothes, handmade with love the fashion the art. I love it. Thank you. Thank you. That's that's what I want people to do to actually probably, you know, relish and joyfully wear everything that they have and you know, not have that feeling that move. I don't have anything in my wardrobe. What should I wear today? Because we've we've all been there and actually feel the joy of wearing clothes. Okay, so then these boxes are put into nice, colorful, safe mailer bags.
This one's big. So I have to put it this way. I got it. Here we go.
So here's my order. Ready? I do a lot of this every day. Some some days, there are more orders. So it's a long process. But yes, everything is handmade and hand packed. And I have my customer sprinted sticker here. Okay, I cannot share this. But to send it to the right one. Yeah, this is the right one. I don't want to mix up orders. And I actually know all my customers by name by what they order by you know, that that's how it is here.
Thank you for staying with me. Here's my packed order for one order. And I have to pack another order, but I have to finish doing the collar. And thank you, you guys. Thank you for joining me live today. If you want to see more of this recording, it's gonna be on in my stories on IGTV. And I'll try and go live every week. So So come join me every week while I also share tips of how to care for your garments, how to hand sew or mend your garments, you know, just just putting tips out there. How to remove lint from your clothing without having a lint remover. So a sneaky sneaky trip tip
for you. And for all this and more and for project unmetered bits. If you have any questions, let me know.
Bye. Take care. Thank you for joining

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Sandhya Garg is a Project Runway fashion designer. She studied and specialized in women's fashion at London College of Fashion, UK and has worked at Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Liberty London, Alice Temperley to name a few.

She has her own successful resort wear, vacation dresses, special occasion dresses, wedding guest looks, swim coverups label. While on Project Runway Season 13, she won 2 challenges and was fortunate to show her collection at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week. The brand has been featured in Marie Claire US,Workshop at Macy's,, Elle Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Vogue online to name a few. 

She designs limited edition high end printed spring dresses, casual resort attire and swim coverups. Beautiful prints are inspired from around the world to be worn during travel, resort stay or cruise holidays.

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