Everything About St.Patrick's Day

st patricks day greenEverything About St.Patrick's Day

st patricks day green

Five Green Dresses for St. Patrick's Day

Today we are going to talk about five green dresses for St. Patrick's Day. Yes St. Patrick's Day. What is that? What is St. Patrick's Day? If you don't know like me, I used to celebrate St. Patrick's day that I did not know what St. Patrick's Day was.

st patricks day green

st patricks day green

You want to stick around because we're going to talk about St. Patty's Day. So and also we're going to talk about five green dresses for St. Patrick's Day. And before we get into the five green dresses for St. Patrick's Day and water St. Patrick's Day, ladies, if you like looking good. If you love indulging in you know feeling special. You want to watch this video till the end, because I'm giving away $100 to get yourself a custom made dress.
Yes, a made to order dress just for you. So stick around. And if you know a friend who loves to indulge in high quality fashion, tag her in the comments. Yes. We love all your tags and comments. I read everything personally. So put it in the comments.

st patricks day green

Before we go any further if we haven't if you don't know who I am, my name is Sandhya Garg. And you might have seen me on Project Runway season 13, your favorite fashion reality show with Tim Gunn and Heidi Q. I was on season 13, which had the rain way challenge and a lot of drama and fun. So yes. Do you have a friend who loves Project Runway? Well tag this video, you know, tag, tag their name in the comments, or share this video with them. They're gonna love Project Runway inside news that I give out. Well, before we go any further, where are you watching this video from? Are you watching it from Calcutta, California? Or Columbia? or Australia? Or Oklahoma or Dallas? Where were you watching it from? If you're watching it live? Put it in the comments below. I love to see all these beautiful city names pop up in the comments. It's so much fun to see that. And if you're watching it on replay, just say replay Sydney replay Seattle, wherever you're watching it from. Tell me where are you seeing this video from? Okay, so let's get into the content.

st patricks day green

Why do we celebrate St. Patrick's Day? Who was the St. Patrick?

Well, actually St. Patrick's Day is an Irish festival. It's a celebration of the Irish culture around the world. And we usually celebrated around March 17, you know, whenever it's the 17th, March or around it. So that's that's when it's celebrated. Now, who was St. Patrick's St. Patrick is the National saint or the national apostle of the country of Ireland. Believe it or not? St. Patrick was born in UK in the Roman Britain and he was kidnapped and taken to Ireland as a slave at the age of 16 years old. cruel, I mean, you know, that's how it was. He escaped six years after, but yet he chose to go back to Ireland and bring peace and hope to Ireland. Wow. That is, you know, and he This was during the fifth century. So you know, 1500 years ago. So I didn't know that. I did not know that. If you didn't know this about St. Patrick's Day, give me hit the bell button down below, hit the bell button. And if you're Irish, give me a heart because we're celebrating the Irish festival. Yes. Give me a heart. All my Irish viewers. I love it. I love all these little facts. And folklores I mean, this is not a folklore. It's kind of you know, a factual story. These stories are so enriching these small stories or big stories of human kindness, you know, are inspiring and make us who we are today and give us so much joy. Do you believe me? Right? I mean, what what story motivates you? These stories of people really motivate me in that that inspire me for my creations? So tell me what stories motivate you. Okay, so before I don't go off topic.

st patricks day green

 Significance Of Color Green for St. Patrick's Day

Let's talk about the color green and its significance for St. Patrick's Day so why the color Green even I didn't know that I learned that for this video so, so the three leaf clover is kind of the national leaf of Ireland. So of course, you know, some of the green and the three leaf clover motive that you see for St. Patrick's celebration. decoration comes from there but also fairy tale creatures, leprechauns. I love fairy tales. And I love folklore. So of course, leprechauns And guys, leprechauns are these really naughty creatures that pinch you? And best with you. But the story goes that they can't see the color in green. So if you were green, you don't get paint. So go green get lucky. This St. Patty's month is St. Patrick's Day. Otherwise, if you don't wear green, you risk getting pinched. We can be countries that no, we can't risk that.
Do you know a folklore or a story that your mom told you that super interesting? Share it with me share it with me in comments. And I would love to share this folklore story with my viewers. So put it in comments. And if you like the color green, give me a like, give me a thumbs up. Yes. Come on. a thumbs up. Thank you. And Okay. Let me tell you, if you want to see my work and what I do, you can see it on www.sandag.com. That's my name. I'll just spell it out for you. It's sa n d hyagrg.com. I create one of a kind, beautiful dresses for gorgeous women like you. So yes, take a look at my work. And that's why I'm going to talk about five green dresses for St. Patty's Day. Well, let me feature the link of the dress I'm wearing and then talk about it.
At school, right here. So I'm wearing Ghana linen, pastel green dress, it's more like a pistachio green. You know, the statue, the nut. It's, it's such a beautiful shade of green. So it's a pistachio green linen dress with a nice waist tie up in beautiful, beautiful sleeves. And you know this border detail and embroidery details. You see that and these beautiful tassels, it's super playful. It's kind of knee length I'm five, five. In the street, I'm wearing a medium, and this dress is kneeling on me I can do it with pretty pink sandals, or even sneakers and you know, just go out you know, go out for lunch, brunch shopping, or just hang with your girlfriends on St. Patty's Day and have fun in this gorgeous green dress. And not get tensed by a leprechaun, which is very important. So yeah. And it's a bohemian style, beautiful dress. And it's super easy and comfortable to where and perfect, perfect for summer or even fall or winter weather. natural fabrics breathe extremely well. So you know, no matter the season, you don't have to restrict it to a certain season. Look at those details. Can you see those details? Yeah, it's not only in front, it's on the side and the back too. So all these beautiful details just for you. Let me take you Hey, wait, wait a minute. So I'm featuring the link for this dress. And if you like what you see, of course you can tap on the link and see if you want to shop it or not. You know it's up to you. But if you like what you see in the video so far, like and follow my page, please like and follow my page for updates. I do videos every Friday, and they are super interesting.
In the past I've spoken about 10 Project Runway most common questions, and I've done videos about summer Beautiful, beautiful bohemian summer dresses. And I've done you know for fashion trends that liberated women. So whatever your fashion, you know, curiosities are? I'm answering them. If you have a question about fashion, put them in comments below. I love to hear from you. I love to read your comments. It does not matter if you're watching the video on live or replay. I read each and every comment and I respond to it. So write to me, you know, send let me know what you think about or what you would like to talk about. It matters you matter to me So let me know. Let's get to dress number two. Okay, I'm going to feature the dress number two it's on the mannequin right here. So before I do that, let me feature the link where did my Viola dress go right here. Okay, so now we are talking about the viola maxi dress. It's beautiful. So this is actually all my hand painted print. I make my own fabric I make my own prints. So this is all my hand painted print. That has been cut delicately. And then applicate you know like sewn over the dress. With this beautiful wind again, it's a full maxi dress. You can click on the link and see the entire dress in its full glory. It's such a gorgeous dress. And this neckline is super timeless. It's so beautiful. It really shows your beautiful neck and shoulders. Ladies, you have to show your beautiful neck and shoulders. Because no matter what size you are, neck and shoulders are always always beautiful. And you know they look stunning. When you wear dresses like these and you know, show off your gorgeous neck and shoulders. So that's what this dress accentuates. It's classy, it's elegant. And if you're going to an amazing, amazing St. Patty's party at somebody's home. You want to get yourself the video lamp maxi dress with this beautiful applique work. Girls to you know someone who loves a maxi dress. I have so many friends who love love love wearing maxi dresses, tag a friend you know, tag a friend who loves to wear a maxi dress or simply share this video with your friends and ask them Do you love a maxi dress? Let me know. Okay, let's go to dress number three. And before I do that, let me feature the dress. Here we go right here. It's up top. So now I'm showing you the Garcias zoja dress. It's really pretty. I mean if you're not a big fan of green, we still have you covered look at how pretty that's a floral dress with hints of gorgeous Leaf Green color. And this green that i've you know that's kind of overlaid with the beautiful blue net to create this effect. And it's in three parts it's a it's kind of a smart casual dress that you could wear for a St. Patrick's Day Parade outing, or you can also wear it for your corporate retreat or resort vacations. It's not a one dress fits all kind of thing. It is a one dress fits all kind of a situation. It's a super, super easy dress to wear. It's stretchy, so it's super comfortable and casual. If you want to sit in it, I would do this dress with like blush sneakers or blue sneakers or sandals, dress it up, dress it down and voylla ready to party and look good and go from day to night in my zoja dress. And floral prints are always in fashion. They never go out of fashion. It just depends what kind of florals you're doing. So florals are always always beautiful, feminine and in fashion.
Let me talk about the fourth dress right the fourth dress. But before I talk about the fourth dress, let me feature a link. Guys if you like what you're seeing, please do follow and like my page sandiaga label some yogurt. I talk about the most gorgeous dresses, Project Runway and fashion trends and I love to answer any questions you may have. Now we are talking about my favorite bohemian dress the Veronica dress. It's made in silk muslin. Look at those tassels they're so funny. You could just shimmy and had these tassels move. Maybe I should do a video wearing this dress and moving in it. And it's this beautiful beautiful silk Muslim fabric and this embroidery Of course we do our own embroideries. So all the embroideries you see are either hand or you know, one hand machine embroideries. They're not like completely machined. But there is so much human touch and effort and handmade quality to them. So all the embroidery you see is my own and it's a beautiful mint green color. It's such a beautiful mint green color. You can easily wear it for a St Patrick's Day brunch, if you're going for a brunch and then you after that you're going for Patty's deeper Read, when this is the dress to be in, just put a jacket on if you're in a colder place, you know, put some boots on and you look so chic. So chic, I can't even tell you it's, it's a beautiful dress, and it's gonna make you look so good and get you a ton of compliments. If you like the dress, I'm again featuring the link. So everything I'm talking about, I'm featuring the link. While I'm talking about like right now I'm featuring the link for Veronica dress down below. And I'm going to be putting all these links in the comments. So if you're watching it on replay, you will be able to see the link in comments. And you will be able to shop from those links directly. And I'm so happy that you're watching me live. Or you're watching me on replay. Thank you for watching this video. And I do have a surprise for you. So don't go away, go away. I'm giving away $100 do not go away. Let's talk about the fifth dress the last dress and it's so good. You want to watch this so good. I'm gonna feature the link. It's so special and one of a kind. So right here so this is name, address. name address is a gorgeous, broken shoulder cold shoulder dress. Look at the fabric. So this fabric is actually hand woven by a heritage Craftsman in India on a wooden loom. Yes, on an authentic wooden loom. And it's actually made from recycled sorry, fabric. Can you believe that we all talk about sustainability and recycling. Now see, these these portions right here are actually Saudis that have been recycled hand woven into this beautiful fabric that has become this modern, modern, gorgeous dress. It has beautiful slits down here. I have very few of these dresses left very very few like just you know one piece in a size or so. It's stunning. It's stunning, truly one of a kind hand woven dress and look at my signature label right here shining too much. That's that's so that's the dress with with you know these details. And you can see how this dress looks on a body. So in the Featured Products, you can see the model wearing the dress. It's stunning. The It looks so good. So that's name address in its foresty green for leprechauns don't get pinched. So that brings us to five green dresses for St. Patrick's Day. Thank you guys, thank you for watching. But before we end this video, if you guys want to feel special, like truly special look good. And get a ton of compliments. I'm giving away $100 for you to shop in Get yourself a custom made to order dress. I'm going to be let me feature the link for the giveaway right here.
So so I'm sharing the link link right now. I just need your name and email. And that's all and you will be put in this raffle where I'm gonna pick out a name, and you're gonna win $100 to spend and shop Yes, I love shopping and then you can get yourself a made to order custom dress. So don't forget to do that. And don't forget to check your email to get your confirmation. So do that guys. Put your name in for the giveaway. And thank you again for joining me do like and follow my page sandhya if you like what you see, and do come back next week to see how fashion designers create a collection. Yes, I'm going to show you how I have designed my summer collection the Summer Collection. It's beautiful. It's inspired by a 50 a 15th century Palace in India in Jaipur called some wood palace. It's super setting. You don't want to miss it. Thank you for joining me.

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