10 Valentines Day Ideas

 Top 10 Valentines Day Ideas

 Top 10 tried and tested Valentines/Galentines Day Ideas you can steal 

Let’s be completely honest: Valentine's Day or Galentine's Day isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But we’ve figured out that the trick is to celebrate the holiday in your own way. When it comes to celebrating Valentine's Day or Galentine's, we all aim to make the day extra-special for our loved ones.
Come February 14, learn to practice self love or show your partner how much you care with these 10 Valentine’s Day ideas. They seriously run the gamut, including all-out pampering, cultural events, and chill things you can do with someone special, a friend, or yourself. And if you're boycotting the holiday altogether, dare we suggest you enjoy some of these activities all by yourself so you still have a great time while sitting out the festivities.
Now, go on and celebrate the day of love—whichever way happens to work for you.


01. Try a Wine-and-Dine Movie Theater

What can be better than enjoying your favorite movie with a glass of wine and your favorite food. Check out your local theater offerings.

02. Take a Relaxing Bath

Turn on the warm water, add your favorite essential oil or bath bomb and watch stress just melt away. Oh, and don't skip the aromatherapy candles and relaxing music.

03. Take Breakfast in Bed

Start the day off right by serving up a romantic Valentine's Day breakfast, then enjoying it together while lounging in bed while still in your pjs. Don't forget the champagne!

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04. Stage a Fun Photoshoot

It doesn’t have to be your engagement to take professional pictures together. And you don’t have to hire a photographer either. Armed with the latest smartphone technology, tripod, and tons of self-portrait tips, you're all the pro you need.

05. Read a Love Story

Classic romance novels include Pride and Prejudice (although Twilight is also a guilty pleasure). You can also cultivate inner empowerment for yourself and within all of your relationships with personal development books—because what's more romantic than showing up better for your partner?

06. Schedule a Paint Night

If you’d rather be making your own masterpiece, channel your inner Van Gogh and take up a paint brush. Follow along with YouTube videos at home if you're a beginner, or take a Paint and Sip class for some guided instruction.

07. Bake Something Heart-Shaped

Think pizza, waffles, pancakes, cookies... If it can be shaped or arranged in a heart, it's fair game. If heart-shaped baked goods are too cheesy for your tastes, try a hearty (get it?meal to warm the soul instead.

08. Try a Tarot Reading

Seek out a holistic wellness center, or see if your local yoga studio hosts tarot workshops, and pop in for a reading. Or, tune into your intuition and host your own readings for each other. You'll feel seen like never before. 

09. Make It a Game Night

For those with a competitive streak (or who just like some good, old-fashioned fun), an exciting night of board games or video games will make Valentine's Day/ Galentine's Day memorable. Up the ante will a friendly wager or two.

10. Serve Up a Valentine’s Day–Inspired Meal

Put on your aprons (perhaps only your aprons) and cook up a new Valentine's day inspired meal. Find one online or create your own.


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