Most Common Questions- Summer Wedding

Most Common Questions

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Is the summer wedding you thought was canceled, now going forward? If you held off on buying your wedding guest dress until now, and you’re wondering what to wear, no worries! Here’s what to wear to any summer wedding, even when it’s been scaled-down, and you’re celebrating with social distancing guidelines in place!

Question 1- What to Wear to a Daytime Wedding in Summer

The mood of a daytime wedding is light, fresh, and cheery, and so wear a pretty dress in a bright color of the season. A Floral print dress is ideal and should be very easy to find. Accessorize your dress with some cute heels, a great clutch, and if you are daring enough, a hat. How often do you get to go to a wedding? Have fun and dress up.


Question 2.  Can You Wear White to a Wedding?

Sorry, that old rule of no white at weddings still stands because you never want to upstage the bride. The only time it is acceptable is to wear a tiny bit of white as a detail on a dress or within a pattern of a dress- but we’re talking small. Cream or beige is o.k. Unless you know, the bride is wearing cream.


Question 3.  Can You Wear Black to a Wedding?

A black cocktail dress is too heavy for a daytime wedding but is very appropriate for an evening wedding.  If you want to wear black by day,  then you could try a black floral dress, which is mainly bright colored flowers on a dark background ( i.e., black or navy). This gives black a much more daytime feel. Just make sure it’s more floral than black.


4.  What To Wear to a Garden Wedding?

There’s a lot of garden weddings this summer, which is a lovely thing. Some are more formal, some are very casual, but what they all have in common are a light and cheery natural vibe. Florals, feminine prints are perfect, along with soft shapes and flowy fabrics. Choose cheerful light colors like the colors of the garden, and you will blend right in.


5.  What To Wear to a Beach Wedding?

Beach weddings are fun and exciting and the perfect time to wear anything from a pretty sundress to a chic summery cocktail dress. A chiffon maxi is light and breezy and fits right in with the sun and sand setting. The high low hemline is playful and summery too!


6.  What to Wear to a Winery Wedding?

Winery weddings can range from boho to glam, but they always have an air of sophistication.  Why not toast the bride and groom with a glass of champagne in this gorgeous blue wrap dress with the contrast embroidery that is both modern and chic.  Add sexy heels and a glamorous clutch and party on.


7.  Can You Wear a Jumpsuit to a Wedding?

Yes, absolutely! If your legs are not your best asset or dresses are just not your thing, and then pants are an excellent choice. However, I’m not talking about any old pair of slacks and a top. To look more elegant, wear a solid color pantsuit or a beautiful blouse and Palazzo pants, which are flowy and feminine, almost like a dress.

A dressy jumpsuit can also work for daytime weddings. Be sure to choose fabrics that are relaxed and a little more luxurious than what you’d wear every day.

8. Maxi Dresses are Summery. – Can I wear a Maxi Dress to a Summer Wedding?

Yes, a breezy maxi dress is perfect for a spring or summer wedding, but make sure it is not too casual or too revealing. Check out my post on Perfect Maxi dresses for weddings.


9.  What to Wear To an Evening Wedding?

Easy Answer – Unless the evening wedding is very formal and calls for a long gown, a cocktail dress is perfect! Just make sure it is not too flashy, short, or revealing.  You don’t want to look like you should be out clubbing. For example, a tight-fitting red satin dress with sequins and a plunging neckline is too showy.

Another option for an evening wedding is to wear a dressy suit or a cocktail suit. Remember, it’s night. You shouldn’t look the slightest bit corporate. No pinstripes, shirts, tweeds, serious suit styles, and heavy materials. You need to wear a fitted suit, not a boxy suit, one that is softer, a little sexy, feminine and luxurious – the type of thing you’d wear if you were going out to a special dinner. Think sophisticated. (A very dressy pantsuit with this same feel would work too.)


10.  What to Wear to a Black Tie Wedding?

A black-tie wedding is most formal and calls for something very glamorous like you are going to a formal ball. Here’s where a full-length black dress would be your very best choice. However, a black cocktail dress would be acceptable too. If you don’t like black, then a single color dress in a rich color is elegant too. Also, a dress that is simple with clean lines is what’s right for this elegant affair—no fussy details.

Always respect the fact that it will be one of the most special days in the bride’s life. Honor her by putting some effort into what you wear and dressing up for the occasion, but never try to outshine her. It’s her moment to in the spotlight. Make sure she feels like the star.

More ideas for what to wear to a wedding reception over 40 are here, or you can read about bridal shower outfits.

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