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Customers talk and tell us what do they think

Posted by Sandhya Garg on

We bring you clothing that we have ourselves loved to design and make. As we commonly tell each other- we are not in this business to earn money, we are here to earn love and spread our stories through something we are extremely passionate about. Like breathing comes naturally to us so does the inspiration and design for the clothing. 
Sandhya Gag Serpiente collection Project Runway Scuba resort dress spring dress Serena dress
A good or a bad customer review are the pillars of strength or weakness a brand grows on. Here are some of our customer feedbacks that make us smile everyday and make it all worth it!
"The dress is absolutely gorgeous and I cannot wait to show it off! My email address is ******@yahoo.com. I will send pic when I am gussied up!"- D.Booth, California bought Minara dress
"You fixed it! It's perfect. I don't know how you did it from a picture. You addressed all my concerns. I will send you a photo when I wear it to a wedding on June 30th!"- P.K.Reiss, New Jersey bought Jasmin dress
Sandhya Garg Inspiration Project Runway Spring Runway Dresses Boston Blooms Jasmin Dress
"Thank you so much again for my beautiful dress, and for taking the time to make adjustments yesterday. I really appreciate it. And it was so fun chatting with your cutie son!"- L.Sprechman, Cambridge bought Jill dress
"Hi there! I bought that gorg dress last wknd. 
Maybe pants are next :-)"- S.Vandenberg, Boston bought Amalfi jacket dress
"I got the package and I love everything thank you so much!!!!! Let me know when you have more material for the ram dress as I def want one in L."- N.Nandy, Albuquerque bought Layla dress, Ram dress, Gold jacket etc
"Thank you Sandhya
I do appreciate your detailed response to my query & for your great customer service. I’m definitely excited to get this dress for my first project runway designer’s collection. Just FYI I have great favorites for some designers on the show - winners or not - and I want to say that you’re the first one I see with your clothing designs stepped up to the next level after the show and readily available to ordinary customers like me. You embarked on a brilliant path to be accessible to the public for your designs. And I’m so impressed that you use Instagram to make easier access to your business. Because I haven’t seen other designers done the way you do. Their Instagrams are mostly stories - which I also appreciate. So thank you for continuing your brilliant design work."- H.Wee, California bought Siya dress
These are few of many positive reviews that encourage us everyday to push the envelope and walk the path of creative love with textile and fashion. 
We are always happy to hear what you have to say, you inspire us.
Email me anytime on labelsandhyagarg@gmail.com



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