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Take a blue vespa through Amalfi Coast

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Take some time away from your busy routines and hustle and bustle of the city life so you can indulge yourself into the relaxing exploration of the coastal area. When you plan to visit Positano, Amalfi, Sorrento, Ravello you will get the opportunity to go at your own pace. You can explore Amalfi Coast in 1 day. The Positano, Amalfi, Sorrento, Ravello are known as the four pearls of the Amalfi coast that you should visit.
You can make a stop at the stunning villages of southern Italy. Most of these villages are traditional and have their own appeal because of the exquisite coastal landscapes. You can get the true taste of the rich history, cuisines, architecture and more. You will experience the Positano, Amalfi, Sorrento, Ravello you would love to visit all these areas again in your life.
Amalfi Coast Sorrento Positano Sandhya Garg
Amalfi Coast
There are many beautiful spots in the area that you would love to explore. You will indulge in the flavor of their awesomeness. Here is what you will find in the different area.
In Sorrento, you will find amazing views because it has a cliff top position from where you can overlook the amazing sea, picturesque bays, bustling ports and the panoramic views of the beautiful Amalfi coast. The entire area is surrounded by hills. There are only two main streets in Sorrento that makes it easy to explore. While you are visit the streets you will notice lemon theme everywhere.
  • Lemon candy
  • Bottled lemoncello
  • Trees with lemons growing on them.
The biggest attraction of Sorrento is the ceramic homemade products. You will find them on every shop and most of them are lemon themed.
Sorrento Amalfi Coast Lemon love Sandhya Garg Resort wear
The location of Positano is perfect for those who love the panoramic views. It lies on the most beautiful stretches of the coastline. It is an enchanting town that is the center of the coast. Here you will find many amazing pastel-colored houses that surround the Parish church Santa Maria Assunta. It is the perfect inspiration for the artists and fashion designers. Positano is famous for some amazing cuisines, colorful shops, quaint and numerous famous beaches.
Positano Amalfi Coast Sandhya Garg Amalfi Ceramics
It is the Mediterranean area of the coast where you will find various lanes and white houses that are piled over one another. It is one of the most famous resorts in Italy. Explore the shops in Amalfi if you are planning to buy some souvenirs for your loved ones. You can soak the sunlight on the beach. If you are visiting Amalfi on the bus assure that you sit on the right side so you an enjoy all the beautiful scenes.
Amalfi Cathedral Sandhya Garg Resort wear Travel
It is situated at an elevated position as compared to the other pearls of the coast. You will find several exceptional views of the coast and the marvelous gardens and villas. It will take only 15 minutes to reach the inner hills of Ravello. It is a smaller village but the views of houses from the hills is amazing and you will feel like a photograph could not do justice to the amazing view.
Amalfi coast Ravello
Most of the photographers and painters like to visit this place because its beauty is an inspiration for them. On every step, you will find something amazing and mesmerizing. Do not forget to try some of the traditional cuisines. When you are in the Amalfi coast assure that you capture every beautiful moment because these some of the memories that you would never like to forget. You will enjoy every moment that you spend in Amalfi coast.


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