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Bohemian Dress for wedding guest

Posted by Sandhya Garg on


What is a Bohemian Wedding?
Bohemian weddings are defined as free spirited, dreamy, story like weddings. 
A Bohemian Wedding is like pages from a mythical woodland enchanted book. Boho Chic Weddings have a distinct soft and romantic feel that is earthy and inspired by nature and the beautiful outdoors.  Boho weddings incorporate an eclectic mix of natural, rustic, and vintage details into the design. 
Braids, greenery, flowers, soft waves, and long hair are all beautiful bohemian styles.

What to Wear to a Boho Wedding?

Wedding season has arrived! And, mostly Bohemian weddings dominate the spring. They are sure to kick off the season in style. Glorious whimsical themed affairs, dreamy setting, laid-back gatherings and dancing till dawn are all part of a Boho wedding, but what do you wear? How do you make sure you have enough hippy dippy style but maintain a classy wedding guest outfit?

Well don't fear we are here to help you with this fun task. Our first advice is that  most bohemian themed weddings are rather care free and informal, unless strictly stated on the wedding invite. Looking good adds to feeling good so we know you will be thinking about what to wear. 

You can go completely all-in with the Boho theme and really dress for the occasion. Firstly, just be sure that the Wedding has the heavy bohemian vibes you are imagining. A knee length printed dress with intricate earrings and tons of bracelets is an awesome look for these types of parties. Just add green eyeliner and sassy heels. Have fun with your outfit and enjoy being at a different kind of ceremony. 

You could wear something that alludes to the bohemian theme but stick with your more traditional wedding guest outfit for the season. Opt for a dress with a boho-esk feel to it. Of course, you cannot go wrong with anything floral. A gorgeous dress that has been embellished with embroidery are also awesome for a Boho gathering. Wide legged palazzo pants are always a winner with the boho style, then pair with a typical boho patterned blouse and creative make-up, big brown sun-glasses to look fabulously free-spirited.  

Finally, you could grab your favorite go-to wedding outfit and really add the bohemian touch via the accessories you wear with it. Bohemia, without a doubt, has the most exotic and stand out accessories. From feathered head dresses to lace up leather sandals, they really know how to accessorize well. So, stick with your old faithful and just add a little boho flare with some carefully chosen accessories, wavy hair and colorful make-up. 

We have picked up all our favorite stunning Boho Wedding guest outfits and added them below. We hope they give you outfit inspiration. 

What is boho style dresses?
A key ingredient in Boho Chic style is comfort — you'll see a lot of soft, loose-fitting, flowy clothes, often worn in layers. Maxi dresses (full-length, usually loose-fitting dresses) are a great example of the flowy comfort common to Boho Chic.
What is a boho wedding dress?
Boho Wedding Dresses. It's your big day, and your laidback style calls for a chic gown with graceful lines and ultra-romantic details. Nothing completes the magic of a bohemian wedding like soft elegance and a little whimsy, so make an effortless statement with a boho wedding dress by Sandhya Garg. Email us for your custom wedding dress design.
What to wear at a Beach Boho wedding?



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