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Talisman Collection

Collection Talisman was inspired from the streets of Morocco. The whole idea of a belief being so strong that it can act as magic and bring you good luck or bad results amused me. I grew up with folklore and realized how we had adorned our bodies with tattoos, jewelry and clothing of certain color or a specific pattern to bring good juju to our life. The collection had blue doors print just like Moroccan architecture that symbolized- our body like our houses is a sacred space. The cat and Persian patterns were also included for the same reason converting into a very literal Good luck- Talisman collection.

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Model- Liya Atanasova, Hair and Make-up- Maria Cristina Ochoa, Photographer- Ash Sharma, Collection- Jaipur

Style yourself like the BOHO DIVA you are

We made Bohemian easy. To put together a mysterious Bohemian gypsy look-

1. Just put on our fabulous Meera Dress from the Jaipur Collection.

2.Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize-Now just simply combine the dress with strappy gladiators- tan color or metallic.

3. Add some of those beautiful beads and metallic jewelry you got from vintage markets, garage sales or  the ethnic talisman charms you picked at a bazaar/souk. Remember to either wear the jewelry in your wrists or around your neck, putting on more than needed will be OTT.

4. Don't forget to add a statement ring on your index finger or your thumb.

5. Add a beautiful septum nose ring to bring out your beautiful features.

6. Hair and Make-up- Fish braid sections of your hair to add that extra touch and soft curl rest of your beautiful hair. Time for some serious smokey eyes to complete the mysterious look.

7. Voila, easy steps to be the free spirit you are!

Link to Meera Dress-

Alphabet-ical Order

Live/Love Some More - Living by the romantic notion of loving all.‚Äč

The inspiration for this collection came from my roller coaster experience  at Project Runway Season 13.  With bitter sweet memories I designed this collection that spoke of the fashion/emotional statements I tried to make throughout the competition.

I have a strong point of view and a very personal eye for design and color, I chose to stay honest to myself and go home instead of doing something that wasn't me.

For me fashion like art transcends political, cultural and geographical boundaries. My customer has a confident voice loud enough to stand for her own beliefs, she is not blinded by trends-she makes her own rules and follows her own heart.

She has it in her to change the world and make it dance on her tunes. Come be a romantic rebel with me, the only rule we have here is that there is NO RULE.   


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ColorBomb Explosion - It is a literal explosion of color and alphabets on the dress.

Color Hand-Laced Jacket- Color in B/W

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Shibori Workshop- Messy Fun

Collection- "Jaipur" Moodboard

Travel to the beautiful city of Jaipur, Rajasthan with me. The city is famously known for its magical colors, mythological folklore, royal palaces, majestic elephants, decorated camels and the most intricate patterns. When the sun sets in the beige desert of jaipur, indigo painted houses create a capturing composition of blue boxes juxtaposed with bright colored turbans and flowing dupattas (stoles). The air is thick with the aroma of warm spices and roads busy with shining lights, inspiring many dreams. Sometimes I think what would it be like to taste color? Will yellow taste of turmeric, red of cinnamon, green of cardamom and blue of star anise? Let me take you in a dream world where color will fill your life and soul- Collection "Jaipur".


Photos from Google images

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the fabulous mothers in the world

Here is a photograph of my beautiful mother at her University Graduation ceremony in 1979. She is wearing a beautiful silk sari. Silk sari is a fashion classic, which was, is and always will be on trend. It is 6 Yards of fabric draped in a unique design over an underskirt and a crop top.

High-Tea/Brunch Look

Brunch or High-Tea Fix

Add Fashion to your Brunch weekend or evening Tea meet-up.

English Garden


Spring is Here

Nature never ceases to inspire. The delicate roses are combined with graphic trellis to make the latest English Garden print. How do you see your garden? Share photos, drawings or anything you wrote with us for the

"Spring Board".


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Spring Board
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