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February 15, 2016

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The first dress in the given picture is just awesome and unique. I have never seen these kind of dress before.

Hey, I just finished watching season 13 of project runway! Don't ever be discouraged by others because you're different! Thats what I loved about you! You are so original and even from the first runway show I LOVED the look! I am a fashion student now and am so inspired by you! All your pieces on here are incredible and I love them! Keep it up! Don't loose you're point of view!

Awesome collection for this summer.

Really nice peace of collection it would be good if more people comment on this.


do you have more images like those of your and your height is quiet good are you 6 feet tall.

Nice collection, thanks for sharing with us.

Thanks for sharing!

I read your whole article, it's really interesting and helpful thanks for sharing.

Great Collection. Share more with us.

Really superb creativity and perfect pair of embellishment.
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